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PODCAST | Sappi’s Rebecca Barnard on sustainable forestry for pulp and paper

Rebecca Barnard, forestry certification manager for Sappi North America. Photo: Sappi

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A sustainable sourcing plan and supply chain are key to building responsible forestry business models for pulp and paper companies.

In this episode, Rebecca Barnard, forestry certification manager for Sappi North America, discusses how forest management and certification can impact pulp and paper operations.

Barnard manages Sappi’s FSC, SFI and PEFC chain-of-custody certificates, FSC controlled wood certificate and SFI fibre sourcing certificate throughout the United States and at Sappi’s mill in Canada.

“If we continue to have a preservationist mindset and believing that the cutting of a tree and the wise utilization of a tree is bad, we force ourselves into non-renewable materials for societal goods. Because let’s face it, as a society, we still need product,” Barnard says.

“Trees and very innovative manufacturing of products can replace single-use plastics and many types of materials. So we have to realize that yes, there are trade-offs, but we have a renewable, re-growable resource here.”

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