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PODCAST | Talking tissue: How are consumer and away-from-home markets faring in 2020?

Pete Augustine, president of Fabio Perini North America, board chair of TAPPI

The second episode of Pulp & Paper Canada: The Podcast is available! To listen, scroll down.

This time, we chat to Pete Augustine, president of Fabio Perini North America, a paper converting and packaging machinery company, and board chair of TAPPI, the Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Augustine shares how TAPPI has been helping its members navigate the pandemic, and explores the spike in consumer tissue demand and subsequent drop in away-from-home.

He also discusses how the tissue industry was able to turn on a dime when faced with crisis – and where improvements still need to be made.

“There were quite a few manufacturers that had inventories that were an older style of advertising or older style of graphics that was probably going to get scrapped, and they were able to provide that to the market,” Augustine says. “I think that absolutely gave a buffer to some of that instantaneous demand.”

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