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Tuesday Feb 3 2009 Am

Tuesday Feb 3 2009 Am



8:00 P. PETTIGREW, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Toronto, ON

The new Canada-U. S. balance – Results of the Canadian and U. S. elections: Bilateral relations between Canada and the U. S. Economic relations between North America and emerging economies


Managing your Busines in an Economic Vorte x Host: Deloite & Touche LLP

Moderator: L. Martin, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Montreal, QC

9:00 D. MACKENZIE, Deloitte&Touche LLP, QC

Financing Innovation

9:45 J. MCNUTT, CenterforPaperBusiness and Industry Studies – CPBIS, USA Industry Trends

10:30 C. DION&J. GELINAS, Deloitte & Touche LLP, QC

Driving Cost out of your System

11:00 A. BARKE, Deloitte & Touche LLP, QC

Optimizing your Business Strategy


Mechanical Pulping I Host: Mechanical Pulping Committee Moderator: R. Lanouette, CIPP/UQTR, Trois-Rivires, QC Canada

Award Presentation: Douglas Atack Award for the Best Mechanical Pulping Paper

9:00 Tools for Better Fractionation Assessment in Pressure Screens,

A. FERLUC, R. Lanouette, CIPP/UQTR, QC J. Bousquet, Metso Paper, USA and S. Bussire, Papiers White Birch, Division Papier Masson Lte, QC

9:30 High Performance Multi-Element Foil Pulp Screen Rotor, M. Hamelin, Aikawa Group, QC, S. Delfel,

J. OLSON and C. F. Ollivier-Gooch, UBC, BC, and R. Gooding, Aikawa Group

10:00 Interactions of OBA with high yield pulps,

R. ZHANG and Y. Ni UNB/Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, NB, D. Wong, J. Schmidt, C. Heitner and B. D. Jordan, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC, Canada

10:30 Impact of HYP substitution on the brightness stability of uncoated HYP-containing paper,

Z. HE, L. Hui, Y. Ni, UNB/Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, NB, Z. Liu, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper, China and Y. Zhou, Tembec Industries Inc., QC

11:00 Enzyme-based approaches for pitch control in thermomechanical pulping of softwood and pitch removal in process water,

E. DUB, Y. Hurtubise, M. Beauregard and C. Daneault, CIPP/UQTR, QC and F. Shareck, INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier, QC

11:30 TMP from blends of wood species – implications for control,

I. OMHOLT, K. Miles, M. Stacey and D. Drainfield, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

Bio Refinery I

Host: Canadian Forest Biorefinery Network

Moderator: T. C. Browne, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

9:00 Partnerships for Successful Enterprise Transformation of Forest Industry Companies Implementing the Biorefinery,

V. CHAMBOST and P. R. Stuart, cole Polytechnique de Montral, QC and J. McNutt, Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies, USA

9:30 Process Simulation of the Forest Biorefinery,

M. JANSSEN, S. Rasamola, D. Romaric-Batsy and P. R. Stuart, cole Polytechnique de Montral, QC

10:00 Analysis of a Biorefinery Integration in a Bi-Sulfite Pulp Process,

Z. PRIN-LEVASSEUR and F. Marchal, cole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne, Switzerland and J. Paris, cole Polytechnique de Montral, QC

10:30 Photoelectrochemical modification of lignin and lignin model compounds,

M. Tian, D. MacDonald, J. Wen, R. M. Asmussen, G. Wu, A. CHEN, Lakehead University, ON


Host: Recycling Committee

Moderator: Y. Ben, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC Canada

9:00 The Future of Paper Making: Water is the Key,

L. DEWHURST, ALGAS Fluid Technology Systems AS, Norway/Tecumseth Group, ON

9:30 A Decade of Studying the Summer Effect,

R. D. HAYNES, EKA Chemicals Inc., GA, USA

10:00 Comparison of Deinking of Old Newspaper in Neutral and Alkaline Conditions,

S. WANG, W. Zhang, M. Qin and F. Kong, Shandong Institute of Light Industry, P. R. China.

10:30 Modular Deinking Technology,

M. PESCANTIN, Comer. S. p. A., ON, Canada

11:00 Protocol for Evaluating Flotation Aids with a Laboratory -Scale Flotation Column,

M. RICARD, G. M. Dorris and C. Lapointe, FPInnovations, Division Paprican, QC

11:30 Understanding and Reducing Colloidal Organic Variability With On-Line Detection,

R. D. HAYNES, EKA Chemicals Inc., GA

Research I

Host : Research Committee

Moderator: T. van de Ven, McGill University, QC

9:00 Enhancing Papermaking Properties of Secondary Fibres by Tempo Oxidation,

C. GOMES, K. N. Law, C. Daneault and B. Chabot, CIPP/UQTR, QC

9:30 Dimensional Stability of Paper Containing BCTMP Fibres,

Z. LI, C. Camm, Z. Chen and K. Li, UNB/ Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, NB

10:00 Effect of white water solid content on fluidized bed expansion behavior,

E. LORANGER, C. Daneault and B. Chabot, CIPP/UQTR, QC

10:30 Polymer conformation effect on the fibre retention process – Study of blocking agent systems,

O. OULANTI, B. Chabot, F. Brouillette and C. Daneault CIPP/UQTR, QC

11:00 New Nanoparticle Silica Technology Pushes Retention and Drainage Performance,

M. ZEMPEL, Eka Chemicals Inc., USA

11:30 Measurement of Interfibre Friction Forces by Atomic Force Microscopy,

F. HUANG and K Li, UNB/Limerick Pulp and Paper Research Centre, NB and A. Kulachenko, KCL Science and Consulting, Finland Non-Wood Fibres

Host: Non-Wood Fibres Committee Chairman: R. Hurter, HurterConsult Inc., ON

9:00 BioRegional Mini-Mill Technology – Report on UK Industrial Scale Trials of Novel Black Liquor Gasification and Energy and Chemical Recovery System,

S. RIDD LESTONE, BioRegionalMini-Mills UK Ltd (BRMM), United Kingdom. 9:30 Wheat Sheet – A Short (Fibre) Story,

W. CHUTE, Alberta Research Council, AB and A. Eini, Markets Initiative, AB 10:00 Pulp, Energy and BioChemicals from Wheat Straw,

M. LEWIS , B. McKeanandM. Wetzel, University of Washington, USA

10:30 Alternative Uses for byproducts of a shortline hemp decortication process,

L. MCILVEE N, AlbertaResearchCouncil, AB

11:00 Presentation title to be announced,

M. LEWIS , University of Washington, USA



Carbon Strat egy: Manag ing th erisksan dma ximizing th ebusinessopp ortun ities Host: Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Moderator: A. Turmel, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Montreal, QC

13:00P. LANSBER GEN, ForestProducts Association of Canada, ON

The Canadian Regulatory Framework: its impacts on the Pulp and Paper Industry as well as on the Forest Industry

13:30 F. DAGICOUR, FaskenMartineau DuMoulin LLP, QC

How to Monetize your GHG Emissions Reductions – Other Carbon Markets and Business Opportunities

14:00 F. GAGNON-LEBR UN, co Ressources Consultants, QC

The Voluntary Market: Offset Projects, Certification, Validation and other Relevant Steps

14:30M. RGIS , ECOT,Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, QC

Carbon Management: Putting a Climate Strategy into Action

15:00P. RIEBE L, UPM-Kymmene, NB Carbon Footprint and Carbon-neutral Products: A Competitive Advantage?


Process Cont rol I Host: Process Control Committee Moderator: P. Gauthier, Kruger inc., QC 13:00 An Economic Model of a Steam Plant for Decision Making, M. RUEL, Top Control Inc., QC 13:30 Reduction in quality variation in a continuous digester using model predictive control,

A. MALHOTRA, Honeywell
Process Solutions, BC

14:00 Development of Automated Tools for Data Mining Project Implementation in the Pulp and Paper Industry,

R. PLATON and M. Amazouz, Canmet Energy Technology Centre, QC, G. Labonne and Y. Gilbert, Smurfit Stone, QC 14:30 Dynamic Data Reconciliation of Batch Pulping Processes,

J. P. Rankin, Tembec Enterprises Inc., ON andL. WASIK , AurelSystemsInc.,BC 15:00 Managing Assets Using Modern Tools at White Birch Paper (Pulp and Paper Mill),

M. RUEL, Top Control inc., QC and E. Tremblay, Papiers White Birch, QC

Bleach ing

Host: Bleaching Committee

Moderator: M. H. Schofield, Hercules Inc., QC

Award Presentation: Howard Rapson Memorial Award for the Best Chemical Pulp Bleaching Paper

13:00 Rate Determining Step in 02 Delignification,

Y. Ji, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, E. Vanska, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland and A. VAN HEI -NINGEN, University of Maine, USA 13:30 Predicting the impact of kraft pulping and bleaching parameters on Eucalyptus Camaldulensis pulp properties,

P. FATEHI, S. Arabshahi and Z. Ziaee, UNB/Limerick Pulp and Paper Centre, NB and R. O. Malinen, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

14: 00 MgSO4 vs Mg(OH)2 as a Cellulose Protector in Oxygen Delignification,

J. BO UCHARD , J. WangandR. Berry, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

14:30 Improving chlorine dioxide bleaching of a softwood kraft pulp by using magnesium hydroxide for pH control,

Z. HE and Y. Ni, UNB/Limerick Pulp and Paper Centre, NB


Mechan ical Pulp ing

Host: Mechanical Pulping Committee Moderator: I. Omholt, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

13:00 Mechanical Pulping Panel: Energy Consumption in Mechanical Pulping The electrical energy represents a significant part of the cost of producing mechanical pulp. Overall reduction of the energy consumption per tonne of paper has been an objective more or less since the introduction of refiner pulp, while the need for stronger and better mechanical pulps over the years has pulled in the opposite direction. However, the work to find compromises and to reduce the energy consumption KW by KW goes on continuously in the mills, at the research institute and through the suppliers. The session will be divided into two parts: 1) Focussing directly on mill experiences and 2) Research and Development Panelists: To Be Announced


BioRefinery II

Host: Canadian Forest Biorefinery Network

Moderator: P. R. Stuart, cole Polytechnique de Montral, QC

13:00 Pre-extration PSAQ Pulping of Larch,

R. KAMPPI, A. Leponiemi and H. Horhammer, Deaprtment of Forest Products Technology, Finland and A. Van Heiningen, University of Maine, USA

13:30 Hemicellulose removal from mixed hardwood chips during the pre-hydrolysis of the kraft-based dissolving pulp production process,

H. LI and Y. Ni, UNB/Limerick Pulp and Paper Centre, Fredericton, NB, Canada

14:00 High Consistency Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Hardwood Substrates,

X. ZHANG and M. Paice, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC, W. Qin and J. Saddler, UBC, BC

14:30 Hydrolysis of near neutral hemicellulose extracts catalyzed by sulfur dioxide (SO2),

R. JARA and A. Van Heiningen, University of Maine, ME

15:00 Integrating Bioethanol Production into a Kraft Pulp Mill – Technology Assessment,

E. HYTNEN and P. R. Stuart, cole Polytechnique de Montral, QC

Research II

Host: Research Committee Moderator: P. Mangin, CIPP, QC

13:00 Alkaline Condensation Reactions of Lignin Model Compounds,

D. KANUNGO, S. K. Bose and R. C. Francis, SUNY-ESF, USA

13:30 A study of polymerization of aspen (Populus) wood lipophilic extractives by SEC and Py-GC/MS,

B. SI THOL, B. Ambayec, L. Lapierre, N.-H. Shin and L. Allen, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

14:00 Effect of bioactive-ink vehicle on the infectivity of T4-bacteriophage printed on paper,

T. JABR ANE, M. DubandP. Mangin, CIPP, QC

14:30 Fiber modification to prepare paper-based test strips for Cr(VI) determination,

F. Kong, Shandong Institute of Light Industry, China and Y. NI, UNB/Limerick Pulp and Paper Centre, NB

15:00 Modifying the Functionality of Mechanical Fibre and its Impact on Whitewater Quality

K. N. LAW, P. Ma and C. Daneault, CIPP/ UQTR, QC Wednesday Feb 4 2009 Am


Inno vation : A Key for the Fu ture

Host: Cascades Inc.

Moderator: R. Gaudreault, General Manager of Research & Development, Cascades Canada Inc., Kingsey Falls, QC

9:00 R. Gaudreault, General Manager of R&D, Cascades Canada Inc., Kingsey Falls, QC

World Innovation 9:30 Keynote Speaker:

Perspectives from Outside of our Industry 10: 00J. Hamel, General Manager of Research, FPInnovations Paprican Division, Pointe Claire, QC.

From research to innovation: the key factors for business success

10:30 N. Withington, CoordinatorofProduct Development, Norampac – Packaging & Innovation Centre – A Division of Cascades Canada Inc.

Cascades Innovation Management System and examples of Sustainable Innovations 11: 00 S. Rousseau, Senior Vice-President, Publication Papers, Montreal, QC, Innovation Approach at Kruger Inc – The Hide-Pack Project


Pro cess Con trol

Host: Process Control Committee Moderator: P. Gauthier, Kruger inc., Trois-Rivires, QC Canada

9:00 What is the Best Way to Control Today’s Processes – Why, How and Where – Using Advanced Forms of Control Rather than Conventional Control

This debate-style presentation will include participants from universities, supplier companies, consultants and mills who will try to demystify the following subjects: MPC, APC, PID, Fuzzy Logic, Soft Sensor, Expert System, Feedfoward – Someone help us make the right choice for our processes. Why use this type of control?

What is the best way to apply advance controls?

Where to apply the technology? How can we guarantee success? What are the main reasons for a failure? What implications are required by mill people? How to ensure the advanced controls stay running?

Prepare your questions; our panel will try to help you.

Names of the panel participants will be announced soon. Check regularly at www.PAPTAC.caunder Latest News.


Paper Machine Te chnolog y I Advan ces in Papermaking Con cepts

Host: Paper Machine Technology Committee Moderator: M. Soucy, Kadant Canada Corp., ON

Award Presentation: Jasper Mardon Memorial Prize for the Best Paper Contributing to the Advancement of Papermaking 9:00 Bavarian behemoth for SC-A: PLATTLING PAPIER – PM 1

M. TUOMISTO, Metso Paper USA, Inc., USA

9:30 New Coating Concepts and their Potential for Efficient Production

M. SCH MID, Voith, USA

10:00 The Effect of Center Plane Resistance on the Drainage Property of Forming Fabric

J. XU, R. Danby and D. Johnson, Astenjohnson Inc, Fabric Research Group, ON and J. VANDERKOLK, Asten Johnson Inc. USA

10:30 Papermaker Movies: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what’s a movie worth?

D. PERNSTEINER, Eka Chemicals, Inc, USA

11:00 The Efficiency of Softwood Kraft Pulps in Improving Paper Machine Runnability

I. I. PIKULIK, X. Hua, and N. Gurnagul, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

Energ y

Host: Energy Committee

< b>Moderator: L. Kosiak, Tembec Industries inc., QC

Award Presentation: Energy Conservation Award

9:00 Higher energy performance at Abitibi-Bowater Knogami mill using data mining,

G. St-Pierre and M. G. Fairbank, AbitibiBowater Inc., QC and S. LAFOURCADE, Pepite Technologies, QC

9:30 50% Reduction in thermal energy usage at Alberta Newsprint,

S. SINGH, C. Mills and A. World, Alberta Newsprint Company, AB

10:00 Managing Combustibles and Operations using Real Time Data, Economic Values and Contract Clauses using your DCS,

M. RUEL and M. Emond, Top Control Inc., QC

10:30 Greenhouse Gases and Multi-Fueled Boilers: A Case Study in Efficiency improvements on Renewable fuel usage Abitibi Bowater, Alstom Power, Canada, Cook Engineering, and Automation Applications Inc, LLC,

T. Woosley, AbitibiBowater, ON, R. G. Feindel, Alstom Power, Canada, ON, R. Matchett, C. E. T., Cook Engineering, ON and R. MORRISON, Automation Applications Inc., LLC, USA

11:00 Systme d’Information sur la Gestion de l’nergie (SIGE),

. ALLEN, Cascades inc. – Groupe d’Intervention en nergie, QC


Host: EXFOR & Sustaining Members Group 9:00 Recent advance in controlling troublesome extractives in mechanical pulp,

C. ROULEAU, Buckman Laboratories of Canada Ltd., QC

9:10 Evolution in Market Pulp Packaging,

L. IRVINE, Gerrard-Ovalstrapping, BC 9:20 Advanced Nip Force Control System for Winder Rebuild,

A. OLSSON, Vishay Nobel, Sweden and

D. ANDRES, Vishay Systems, USA

9:30 APEXX – A new generation of forming fabric,

P. BRUNET, Weavexx Corporation, QC

9:40 A customized VIRWITE® bleaching agent helps to reduce mill corrosion,

M. DAUPHINAIS, ChemTrade Logistics Inc., QC

9:50 Heat Recovery from Smelt Dissolving Tank Vent to Reduce Oil Consumption in Kraft Pulp Mills,

M. FRANCOEUR, Thermal Energy International Inc., ON

10:00 New Technique: Excavating with Air & Water – Non-Destructive Excavation of Buried Pipes/Gas Lines/Fibre Optics,

S. HUZA, Drain-All Ltd., ON

10:10 New Series of Protection Relays from Rockwell Automation,

J. A. KAY, Rockwell Automation, ON

10:20 The use of Cedesorb(r) as part of an effective Deposit Control Program to improve machine Performance,

S. LAFRENIRE,CIBA Spcialits Chimiques Canada inc., QC

10:30 Advanced Bleaching Solution,

M. MASUDY, Honeywell Inc., BC

10:40 OpTiSurf – A New Imaging Method for Measuring Surface Roughness of Tissue, Paper and Board,

R. J. TREPANIER, OpTest Equipment Inc., ON

10:50 Recent advance in creping aid technology SELECT PACKAGE,

V. ROY, Buckman Laboratories of Canada, QC

11:00 iRoll – Intelligent Roll for Paper Machines,

M. TUOMISTO, Metso Paper USA, Inc., USA

11:10 TRAQ Manager Roll Tracking Systems,

A. WONG, Wrapmation Inc., QC

11:20 Carbon Dioxide based Applications for Optimization of Calcium Carbonate Containing Papermaking Processes,

A. JANSSON, Linde AG, Germany

11:30 Real-time costing for the pulp and paper industry. Make smarter decisions and become more profitable,

J. PIGOTT , TietoEnatorCanadaInc.,BC

11:40 Latest Technology in Roll Balancing (Control of the Whip)

M. JULIEN, Canmec La Baie Inc, QC


Sponsor: PAPIER – Canadian Pulp and Paper Network for Innovation in Education and Research Posters:

Hydrophobizing cellulose fibers to test theories of wet paper,

N. BERNSTEN, A. Tejado and T. Van De Ven, McGill University, QC

Combustion Behaviour of Petroleum Coke,

X. FAN and H. Tran, University of Toronto, ON

Recycled Paper Properties Optimized with Tempo-mediated Oxidation,

C. GOMES, K. N. Law, C. Daneault and B. Chabot, CIPP/UQTR, QC

Polyvinylamine-boronate Wet Adhesion,

W. CHEN, S. Notley and R. Pelton, McMaster University, ON

Effect of Tempo-mediated Oxidation of Kraft Pulp on Strength Properties of Papers Containing Fillers,

R. GUIMOND, B. Chabot and C. Daneault, CIPP/UQTR, QC

Coating of Bioactive Paper: Effect of a Precoat on Phage Infectivity,

T. JABRANE, M. Dub and P. Mangin, CIPP, QC

Physicochemical Study of Factors Inducing Piling in Heatset Offset Lithography,

A. CHAMI KHAZRAJI, P. Mangin CIPP, QC and F. Brouillette, CIPP/UQTR, QC Use of Enzymes in the Bleaching of Deinked Pulp,

L. M. LANTEIGNE ROCH, C. Leduc and C. Daneault, CIPP/UQTR, QC Effect of White Water Composition on Fluidized Bed Expansion Behaviour,

E. LORANGER, C. Daneault and B. Chabot, CIPP/UQTR, QC

Understanding Low Consistency Refining of Mechanical Pulps,

A. LUUKKONEN, J. Olson and D. M. Martinez, UBC, BC

The Influence of Surface Functionality of Mechanical Fibres on Papermaking,

P. MA, K. N. Law and C. Daneault, CIPP/ UQTR, QC

Separation in a Yield Stress Fluid,

A. MADANI, D. M. Martinez and J. Olson, UBC, BC

Effect of Flame Length on Lime Kiln Operation,

I. NIKOLAEV and H. Tran, University of Toronto, ON

Adsorption Kinetics of White Water Contaminants on Fines,

G. RIVARD, B. Chabot and C. Daneault, CIPP/UQTR, QC

Study of the Variation of the Fluting Amplitude of Uncoated SC Sheet Obtained with Different Types of Wetting Solutions,

M. ROUMANI and F. Brouillette, CIPP/ UQTR, QC

Adsorption of Polygalacturonic Acid on Modified Silica Powders,

A. SOLTANZADEH, G. Dumont and C. Bennington, UBC, BC

Adsorption of Polygalacturonic Acid on Modified Silica Powders,

R. VALLERAND, C. Daneault and B. Chabot, CIPP/UQTR, QC

OBA Diffusion in High Yield Pulp Fibre Wall,

R. ZHANG and Y. Ni, UNB/Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, NB

Wednesday Feb 4 2009 Pm


Managing Energ y Costs – The Succesful Path Host: Hydro Qubec

Moderator: Luc Beaudoin, Hydro-Qubec, Montreal, QC

13:00 T. Browne , Program Manager, FPInnovations, Pointe Claire, QC Benchmarking of energy use in Canadian mills to improve performance

13:30 C. Demers , Science Communicator, Hydro-Qubec, Montreal, QC Outlook of energy prices (electricity, fossil and biomass)

14:00 B. Begin , Hydro-Qubec, Technical services – engineer

Diagnostic approach that “triggers” implementation of energy savings

14:30E. Souc yorP. Navari , Canmet, QC

Use of process optimization tools to improve management of energy in kraft mills 15:00 Round Table Discussion: The forest products industry and renewable energy – opportunities and threats


Paper Machine Technolog y Commitee II – From Press to Winder

Host: Paper Machine Technology Committee

Moderator: I. Lang, AstenJohnson, Kanata, ON Canada

13:00 Extending the Press Section Lifetime Through a Mini Shoe Press Rebuild,

D. LIARD, Metso, QC and T. Pirinen, J. Onnela and J. Snellman, Metso Paper, Inc., Finland

13:30 Continuous Nip Profiling,

E. GUSTAFSON, Stowe Woodward R & PE, USA

14:00 The Effect of Dryer Secion Operation on the Linting Propensity of Newsprint, J. D. MCDONALD, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC and M. Tchepel, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, BC

14:30 How to Avoid Crepe Wrinkles at the Reel,

W. KAIPF, Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

15:00 A New Method for Quantifying the Z-Direction Distribution of P200 Fines,

F. FOREL, J. Orccotoma and J. Bates, FPInnovations, Division Paprican, QC

Fine & Coated Papers

Host: Fine and Coated Papers Committee Moderator: D. R. Jones, Buckman Laboratories of Canada Ltd., ON 13:00 Combination of optical brightening agents and carrier substances in coating formulations,

D. ECKERT and H. Grossman, University of Dresden, Dresden, Germany

13:30 Cost Saving Concepts for Production of High Quality Coated Papers – Part 1: Single Blade and Film Coat – Blade Coating Systems,

G. Welsch, The Dow Chemical Company, USA, D. VENTRESCA, Dow Chemical Canada Inc., ON, G. Bluvol and P. Dahlvik, Omya, Switzerland and A. Hipp and P. Salminen, Dow Europe S. A., Switzerland

14:00 Precoat effect on the final printability – Part 1: Coating structure analysis with mercury intrusion-managing the data,

D. MATTE, CIC Inc., QC, P. Mangin, CIPP, QC and C. Daneault, CIPP/UQTR, QC

14:30 Is your paper dull?

M. P. WILD, Eka Chemicals, Inc, USA

15:00 Impact of the complex deposition of modified chitosan and carboxymethyl cellulose on paper properties,

P. FATEHI and H. Xiao, UNB/Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, NB and R. Kititerakun, Chulaongkorn University, Thailand

15:30 Modern Calendering – Process Stability, Sheet Structure, Uniformity and System Cleanliness Requirements

P. PRUSZYNSKI, Nalco Company, USA


Host: Environment Committee

Moderator: T. Mahmood, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

Award Presentation: Douglas Jones Award Environmental Award

13:00 Improving Nutrient Management and Reducing Costs for Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment Plants,

R. KENNY, Ray Kenny Environmental Consulting Inc., ON

13:30 A Survey of Pulp and Paper Mills: Operating Conditions and Effluent Quality in Relation to Fish Reproduction, T. G. KOVACS, P. H. Martel and B. O’Connor, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC

14:00 The use of Paper Mill Biotreatment Residue as Furnish or as a Bonding Agent in the Manufacture of Fibre-Based Boards,

A. ZERHOUNI, UQAT, QC, T. Mahmood, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC and A. Koubaa, UQAT, QC

15:00 A Life Cycle Management Methodology and its Application to a Newsprint Mill

C. GAUDREAULT, NCASI, QC, R. Samson and P. Stuart cole Polytechnique de Montral, QC

15:00 Recycle of the Oxygen Delignification Filtrate to the Recovery Cycle at Acid Sulphite Mills: Technical Feasibility,

N. JEMAA, M. Paleologou, A. Thibault, J. Sullivan and L. Beaudoin, FPInnovations, Paprican Division, QC Electrical/Instrumentation Enginee ring and Maintenance

Host: Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering and Maintenance Committee Moderator: R. Matchett, C. E. T., Cook Engineering, ON

13:00 Domtar Espanola Reliability Case Study: How asset health data has been centralized for early potential failure visibility and avoidance,

G. B. CLAC KETT , Domtar Inc., ON and

D. FITZGERALD , IvaraCorporation, ON

13:30 Best Practices for Monitoring your PID Loops – The Key to Optimizing Your Control Assets,

M. RUEL, Top Control Inc., QC

R. Patwardhan, Matrikon Inc., AB

14:00 Management Briefings on Energy Savings,

P. NOLL , Peerless/LaBour/Taber Pumps, USA

THURSDAY Feb 5 2009 AM

CanadianPulpandPape r Graduate Student Se minars Sponsor/Organisateur:

PAPIER – Canadian Pulp and Paper Network for Innovation in Education and Research/ Rseau canadien de ptes et papiers pour l’innovation en ducation et en recherche

8:40 A Fundamental Study of Lime Mud Filer Performance,

F. AZGOMI , R. FarnoodandH. Tran, University of Toronto, ON

9:00 Thermal Transitions of Pitch-soap Deposits by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC),

Z. DAI andY. Ni, UNB/LimerickPulp& Paper Centre, NB

9:20 Modeling the Performance of Sootblowers in Kraft Recovery Boilers

B. EMAMI , M. BussmannandH. Tran, University of Toronto, ON

9:40 Diffusion of Cationic PVA Polymers into the Pores of Cellulose Fiber,

P. FAT EHI and H. Xiao, UNB/Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, NB

10:00 Effect of Tempo-mediated Oxidation of Kraft Pulp on Strength Properties of Papers Containing Fillers,

R. GUIMOND , B. Chabot and C. Daneault, CIPP -UQTR, QC

10:20 Cellulose-phage Interactions,

Z. HOSS EINIDOUST , N. Tufenkji and

T. Van De Ven, McGill University, QC

10:40 Cellulosic Nanofibres – Electrospinning of Novel Cellulose Gels,

R. KOR EHEIandJ. F. Kadla, UBC, BC

11:00 Understanding Low Consistency Refining of Mechanical Pulps,

A. LUU KKON EN, J. OlsonandD. M. Martinez, UBC, BC

11:20 Dust Formation in Lime Kiln – Numerical Modeling,

M. MI EandH. Tran, UniversityofToronto, ON

11:40 Physicochemical Characterizations of Primary and Secondary Sludge from three Papermaking Processes,

H. NAD JI, S. Migneault, S. XingandB. Riedl, Centre de recherch sur le bois, QC,

J. Deng and T. Zhang, FPInnovations-Forintek, QC, A. Koubaa, UQAT, QC

THURSDAY Feb 5 2009 pM

13:30 Conversion of Pulp Mill Sludge into Activated Carbon,

A. NAMA ZI, C. Q. JiaandD. Allen, University of Toronto, ON

13:50 Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Paper Rejects in Offset Printing. Part II: Evaluation of Lint Control Additives,

W. OSSA VU, F. Brouillette and C. Daneault, CIPP – UQTR, QC

14:10 The Extraction of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) from Paper Mill Sludge as a Precursor of Wood Adhesive,

M. PERVAI Z and M. Sain, University of Toronto, ON

14:30 A New Decision Tool using MMPC for the Production Line Evolution – from Concept to Implementation,

M. PINARD and L. Laperrire, CIPP – UQTR, QC

14:50 Use of Nanofillers as Reinforcing Agents for Biobased Composite Fibres,

W. QIN andJ. F. Kadla, UBC, BC 15:10 Three-Dimensional Flow Fields Analysis Through Forming Fabrics,

A. VAKIL , A. OlyaeiandS. Green, UBC, BC

15:30 Bacteria Deactivation by Block Copolymer Micelles Loaded with Bactericidal Material,

R. VYHNAL KOVA, A. Eisenberg and T. Van De Ven, McGill University, QC

15:50 Characterization of Two Novel Esterases from Streptomyces avermitilis and Rhodopseudomonas palustris,

L. WANG andE. Master, Universityof Toronto, ON


400 Seaks Run Road, Glen Rock, PA 17327


Adhesives Research Inc. offers a broad line of repulpable splicing tapes, label stocks, paster tapes and paper patches. Our ARclad® Direct program offers direct sales representation, technical services support along with dedicated customer service. Ask about our new line of advanced repulpable splicing tapes, including ARclad® 8091. Roger Bolduc


126 Milner Ave., Scarborough. ON M1S 3R2



2900 J. B. Deschamps Blvd., Lachine, QC H8T 1C8


Brenntag Canada Inc. is a leading distributor of specialty and commodity chemicals. The company also offers technical support and seminars to the pulp and paper industry.


351 rue Joseph-Carrier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 5V5 450-424-4402

What does 60 years of experience delivering Continuous Innovation in Canada mean for you? With Buckman personnel, you are guaranteed high value-added specialty chemical products, services and innovatio
ns to exceed pulp and paper industry challenges. Join our specialists at our booth and explore the possibilities for your innovative operational improvements.

CIC 81


3351 boulevard des Forges, Trois-Rivires, QC G9A 5H7 819-376-5011

Description of pilot plant facilities and technical assistance services available; information about education programs in pulp and paper given at CGEP de Trois-Rivires and at Universit du Qubec Trois-Rivires (Technical Program, Bachelor, Master’s, PhD); information about adapted and distance training. Mario Parenteau



1 Vision Drive, Natick, MA 01760-2059


N922 Tower View Drive, Unit C, Greenville, WI 920-574-2120

Core Link is the world’s leading supplier of manual through fully automatic core cutting and core handling systems as well as broke roll handling systems. Visit our booth and review our complete products line with the Core Link team. It will change your view on core handling. Carl Plamann, Juan Fritschy


3070 Mainway Drive, Units 13 & 14, Burlington, ON L7M 3X1 905-335-0321/1-800-263-5226

Supplier of cleaning systems for heat transfer surfaces in fossil-fueled boilers of all sizes, also manufactures and services ash handling systems. Diamond Canapower serves domestic and international electric utilities, pulp and paper, petrochemical and hydrocarbon process industries as well as other industries and municipalities. Mike Stubbings, David Murray



1611 Liverpool Court, Ottawa, ON K1B 4L1


Environmental Services Company provides Industrial wet/dry vacuuming, high pressure blasting and vacuum excavation. Flush and camera inspect sewers, process and leachate lines. Hazardous waste (liquid or solid) removal. Product transfers: (liquor), wood chips, filtration media, recycled materials. Confined space entry inspection and cleaning of boiler tank tubes, evaporators and coils. Ron Lefebvre, Stephen Huza


3460 Francis-Hughes Avenue, Laval, QC H7L 5A9


Pumps, mixers, silencers, fans, filters and strainers, dust collectors, expansion joint and dampers, solid handling equipment, biomass stokers, standard and custom-packaged pump systems, spare part services and repair.


5730 Place Turcot, Montral, QC H4C 1V8


Hood and air systems for yankee and PM. Heat recovery (air-air, air-water, air-glycol), pocket ventilation, sheet stabilizers, trim conveying, former mist exhaust and all other process exhaust systems. Replacement parts (coils, fans, economizers, etc.). Complete comprehensive paper and tissue machine air/stream systems surveys and energetic optimization.


570 St. John’s Blvd., Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J9


FPInnovations-Paprican provides cost-competitive research and technology trans fer addressing the strategic needs of its members, partners and clients. Its research programs are driven by the high-priority technical issues of the pulp and paper industry, covering areas such as cost competitiveness, product quality, value, environment and sustainability.


1410 rue Parent, Sherbrooke, QC J1K 2E1


GL Superviseur Inc. specializes in inspection and repair services as well as replacement parts for disc filters and drum thickeners used in the pulp and paper industry. Our expertise can help optimize your process. Come view our product line including our sector gasket for Impco disc filters. Customers have noted up to 10% increase in filter capacity. Please visit us to discuss how we can help you to increase your disc filter and drum washer efficiencies. We look forward to your visit at our booth.


2 Complexe Desjardins, 18e tage, C. P. 10000, Montral, QC H5B 1H7 514-879-4100

Hydro-Qubec proposes cost-effective energy solutions to meet the needs of its customers in the pulp and paper industry. It supports customers in developing and implementing technologies that will make them more competitive. Hydro-Qubec also offers companies financial assistance within the framework of its electricity conservation programs.


1260 Kamato Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 1Y1



16849 Hymus Blvd., Kirkland, QC H9H 3L4

514-694-4522 Lorentzen & Wettre, worldwide leader in quality control and process optimisation for the paper industry, strengthens its commitment to the industry by acquiring Kajaani Process Measurements Ltd. (KPM) and providing a wider range of solutions, including on-line consistency measurements. Gabriel Croteau


900 Tupper St., Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3S3


Laboratory and/or on-line instruments will be exhibited. OpTest’s technology measures fibre, pulp quality, contaminant, formation and print quality/mottlin. We also offer a range of laboratory instruments (destructive and non-destructive, ultrasonic) to measure pulp and paper quality according to standard test methods. Cathy Joss, Marc Auprix Proflow Inc. 71

303 State Street, North Haven, CT 06473 203-230-4700

Leader in the design and manufacturing of skid mounted systems for the pulp and paper industry. ProFlow equipment – designed to meet the demanding mill environment, offering high quality, cutting edge technology, at competitive pricing. Waukesha SP pumps for slurry applications including GCC, PCC, starch and other difficult paper applications.


490 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON N1G 4P5


ProMinent is the reliable solutions partner for chemical metering, measurement and control that operates in a rugged industrial environment. ProMinent is a world-leading innovator in safe and efficient industry-specific services and products solutions for: metering pumps, controllers, sensors, dry polumer feeders and engineered systems.


22 West Church Street, Blackwood, NJ 08012


PRFTECHNIK, a global maintenance technology company, pioneered laser-shaft alignment and offers products and services in alignment, condition monitoring and non-destructive testing.


740 Notre Dame West, Suite 1070, Montral, QC H3C 3X6 514-392-0265

The Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC) is a Canadianbased, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the technical and professional capabilities of it’s members worldwide and to the advancement of the pulp and paper industry. Exhibiting: technical publications, courses, conferences exhibitions for the pulp and paper industry (individual and corporate memberships).


6600 Trans Canada Highway, Suite 209, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4S2 514-630-5955

With more than 100 years of service to the industry, Pulp & Paper Canada (the journal of record for PAPTAC) provides news of pulp and paper mills, as well as innovations in research, technology, management and finance. PPC publishes The Reporter, the complete daily online newspaper of events and company information at EXFOR, as well as the PPC Annual Mill Directory and annual Buyers’ Guide. PPC sponsors the Safest Mill in Canada Contest, the Gadget Competition and the Energy Conservation Award Opportun
ity. Les Papetires du Qubec serves the numerous and influential francophone members of the industry. Editorial and sales staff will be on hand.


370 boulevard Joseph-Cartier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 5V5 450-424-0161

Quadra Chemicals’ mission is to partner with world-renowned sources of chemicals and offer their products to the local paper industry. Our partners include Hydro Technologies (hydrosulfite bleach), Roquette (starches), Akzo Nobel (chelating agents), Chang Chun (PVOH), Transfar-Whyyon (OBA), Solvay (soda ash and sodium sulfite), Prayon (phosphoric acid), Ineos (sodium silicate), Dupont (Soy polymers), Caustic soda and TiO2, etc.


245 Carlisle Rd., Carlisle, ON L0R 1H2 905-689-8311

Canadian distributor for Huhnseal Diamond Mechanical Seals.

New technology for reliable flushless pumping of paper stock. Bill Selmeci, Goran Anderberg


North Avenue and Schmale Road PO Box 7900

Wheaton, IL 60187-7901 630-517-1293

Spraying Systems Co., global leader in spray nozzles, provides the best spray nozzles and accessories, complete integrated systems, support services and expertise to the paper industry. Offering a complete line of products designed for paper mills, including moisturizing, coating, tankwash, humidification and many other applications.


540 rue Meloche, Dorval, QC H9P 2T2 514-631-1188


1033 10th Sideroad, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0


Tecumseth Group announces that Algas Microfilters for fibre recovery, water re-use and effluent treatment joins our family of products. “ECS” Event Capture and Defect Detection Digital Camera Systems, Joh Clouth Blades, Lanex threading ropes, Metso Valmet and kajaani for Consistency, NDC Gauges, Avatron On Line Porosity, Ircon IR Dryers, Procal Gas Emission monitoring of GHG gases and VIB Systems’ Moisture and Gloss profilers for all your needs. www.tecumseth.com


4661-A Hammerhill Rd., Tucker, GA 30084-6666 770-491-8981

V. I. B. Systems is the “Industry Standard” in applying moisture and steam for all paper grades. The VIB AirTech, SteamTech, GlossTech and SmoothTech family of products ensures producers a level of sheet profile from the press sections through the off line finishing calendar to achieve optimum results in grade quality.



Voith Paper is committed to providing innovations for the papermaking process including technologies, performance enhancement components, and specialized technical service. Visit our booth and learn about the latest technologies in paper, board and packaging, stock preparation, and automation. Sammy Dire, Guy Doucet


37 Upton Drive, Wilmington, MA 01887 978-988-5309


585 rue Cabana, Granby, QC J2G 1P8 450-378-3141


310 Vctoria Avenue, #20, Westmount, QC H3Z 2M9 514-846-9727

Witness how Wrapmation’s .NET version of TRAQ Manager™, an eManufacturing enabled PC-based roll tracking system, can simplify operations and improve productivity in your mill. We will be demonstrating our new modules: Web-based Sales Management, Trim Optimization and Load Planning. Allan Wong


Be a part of EXFOR 2009 To reserve your booth space, please contact: Carmie Lato 1-514-392-6969 clato@paptac.ca

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