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Proton offers InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series for corrugated board manufacturing

October 10, 2017  By P&PC Staff

Oct. 10, 2017 – Proton Products, a provider of non-contact laser Doppler speed and length measurement, says it is setting “new standards for precise, reliable measurement of corrugated board products.”

The company has introduced its new InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series non-contact laser Doppler speed and length sensors, describing them as solid state instruments with no moving parts. Characterized as “permanently calibrated and completely reliable,” the InteliSENS mini-series sensors are designed to replace contacting speed and length measurement encoders with a sensor whose accuracy is better than ±0.05 per cent, says Proton, noting that the sensors can provide speed and length measurement starting with a stationary product and communicate a set length contact output to the cutter for highly accurate board size. According to the company, the sensors can be used at the wet-end of a corrugator to measure the product length prior to the stacker to help reduce waste at the double facer, as well as to measure the roll speeds at the unwind stands to reduce splice failures.


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