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February 1, 1999
By Pulp & Paper Canada

MISSISSAUGA, ON — Peacock Inc.’s Mechanical Services Division will market on-site thermometric pump performance testing to determine the efficiencies of installed pumps. Such testing provides detaile…

MISSISSAUGA, ON — Peacock Inc.’s Mechanical Services Division will market on-site thermometric pump performance testing to determine the efficiencies of installed pumps. Such testing provides detailed information on actual pump performance and can be used to identify pumps that are operating below acceptable standards. Thermometric testing produces information on actual pump performance, including such characteristics as pump efficiency, pumping head pumped flow and input power. Jim Colson, pump specialist, says this information has at least three uses. “This information can be used for energy analysis, repair justification or as a diagnostic tool to complement out vibration and trending analysis.”



AJAX, ON — Dynaloy, a super-hard, super-thin electrodeposited chromium coating developed by General Magnaplate Canada Ltd., protects base metals against wear, friction and corrosion. It creates a thin, uniform microsurface that sets new standards for durability, corrosion and heat resistance, as well as design and production accuracy. Unlike conventional chrome plating, the process is a finished one, eliminating the need for additional grinding or secondary operations. The coating also allows design engineers, says the company, “to specify a friction-resistant surface without affecting tolerances in the design. Dynaloy has a coating thickness of 0.0001 in. to 0.0003 in., a hardness of Rc 67, and an operating temperature between 204C and 926C. The coating can be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, except for magnesium.


TAUNTON, MA — Mount Hope Machinery Company has developed a generation of wet service bowed rolls, designed to increase the life of bowed rolls in wet locations by more than double — from between one and two years to between three and four years. The XL 2000 features three distinct design advantages: a grease-conditioning system; end seals which ensure years of superior sealing against the wet end environment of a paper machine; and a sleeve which provides three times the wear resistance of conventional rubber sleeves.


CALGARY, AB — Rosemount Analytical has designed an opacity/dust density transmitter. The OPM 2000R measures such characteristics as the opacity and density of dust emitted from flue gas stacks. Dust emissions are common to combustion processes that burn fossil fuels. The instrument works by sending a beam of light across a stack, to a retroreflector. This device, then, reflects the beam of light back to the transceiver’s optical system. This operating principle is known as a double pass. The device uses a patented system of liquid crystal displays that are transparent when energized. The instrument’s instantaneous and average outputs can be configured to measure stack opacity, dust density, optical density and extinction.


MIDLAND, MI — Dow Corning Corp. has developed a VOC-exempt industrial cleaning agent that removes uncured silicone, many lubricants, coatings and industrial soils. OS-2 Silicone Cleaner and Surface Prep Solvent is a low-odor, low-toxicity formulation that is compatible with a range of materials. Its use will not harm most substrates, including plastics. The cleaner can be used, as well, to soften cured silicones to improve removal, yet it is mild enough to clean multi-material components like gear assemblies, industrial machinery and control panels. And the material’s low non-volatile residue (NVR) allows reliable adhesion in later bonding, coating or painting operations. “The low surface tension allows this material to spread rapidly and migrate into tight places,” says Ray Cull, solvent replacement industry manager.


Valmet’s paper machine at Stora Port Hawkesbury, Port Hawkesbury, NS, achieved in September 1998, a 24-hour running speed of 1630 m/min, a new SC paper world record. The machine’s average speed for the month was 1553 m/min, also a record for this type of machine.

Warburton Holgate Ltd., the English builder of paper, board and converting machinery, has refurbished a 12-cylinder dryer section for Romiley Board Mill, Cheshire, England. The contract is part of the mill’s modernization program.


Andritz Inc., Norcross, GA, has released a data sheet which provides details on its latest generation of pressure screening technology, the FiberSentry.

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