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PumpSense predictive monitoring and analytics system

March 8, 2017  By P&PC Staff

Mar. 8, 2017 – The new PumpSense sensor-based system from Prophecy Sensorlytics boasts “uniquely smart and cost-effective” predictive diagnostics technology to alert pump/blower users to developing problems and prescribe fixes “without any need for outside support, expertise, or data analysis.”

To use, OEMs simply attach PumpSense sensors to a pump or blower housing at the factory. When the system is delivered and online with the end-user, the sensors automatically monitor and measure filter status, oil status, pump utilization, and vacuum or pressure level trends, all in real-time. The analytic software collects the sensor data, compares the data against pre-determined baselines, and pushes the data into a dashboard-displaying machine, component or condition information. The system then delivers maintenance recommendations, based on the actionable intelligence, heading off potential problems that otherwise could impact productivity and profitability. A mobile app enables end-users to graphically view conditions by showing green, yellow, or red backgrounds. If a pump or component reaches a yellow warning level, then the actionable maintenance advice for the fix is delivered to assigned technicians via email or text message. The system is suitable for suits pump/blower applications across various industries, including electronics, food and beverage, mining, paper and printing, plastics and textiles.


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