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Quebec mill to receive recyclable multi-layer cartons from Lassonde

September 9, 2020  By P&PC Staff

Sustana Fiber’s mill in Lévis, Quebec will receive an influx of multi-layer cartons from a new packaging initiative by Lassonde Industries.

Lassonde is a manufacturer of juices and drinks packaged in boxes. The company has announced it will now produce bendable paper straws for its Kiju and Simple Drop products to replace plastic, rendering its multi-layer boxes 100 per cent recyclable.

The paper straws are made from FSC-certified paper.


In May 2020, Sustana’s Lévis mill announced the development of new processes to recycle multi-layer juice and milk cartons.

It can now annually process 3,000 to 4,000 tons of these cartons collected from across the country.

The replacement of plastic straws will increase the percentage of recyclable fibre for the facility in Lévis.

“Each recycled multi-layer carton provides the raw material needed to continue producing essential items like toilet paper and paper napkins.” says Isabelle Faucher, managing director of the Carton Council of Canada.

“Stable and thriving end-markets for post-consumer cartons are important to the success of national recycling and recovery efforts. Increased carton recycling helps preserve natural resources, meet important diversion and recycling goals, create jobs and, in the case of COVID-19, helps to avoid shortages of the pulp needed to manufacture essential items.”

By 2025, Lassonde says it plans to introduce 100 per cent recyclable packaging for all its products, while working with governments, the industry and associations to promote the efficient sorting and collection of recyclable materials.

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