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Refining of Long Fibre Fractions after Fractionation

December 1, 2010
By Pulp & Paper Canada

Raffinage des fractions de fibres longues aprs fractionnement

Raffinage des fractions de fibres longues aprs fractionnement

Abstract: In this work, a primary-stage black spruce TMP was fractionated into long and short fibre fractions using two-stage screening. The long fraction (secondary reject) was further fractionated with a two-stage slotted screen to obtain earlywood and latewood enriched fractions. These fractions were refined to evaluate the efficiency of fractionation in order to improve the overall pulp quality. We observed that refining consistency, number of refining stages and the fraction itself influenced the refining behavior of the long fibre fractions. The latewood-enriched fraction had a better fibre development potential than the earlywoodenriched fraction but it required higher energy consumption. Low consistency refining consumed less refining energy but it led to lower mechanical properties. Separate refining could reduce refining energy and increase handsheet’s light scattering coefficient. Recombination of these refined fractions indicated that energy saving without too much strength loss is possible.


Paper presented at 94th PAPTAC Annual Meeting in Montreal, February 5-7, 2008

Full manuscript available at www.paptac.ca.

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