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Repair, not replace

December 1, 2010  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Q&A about forming fabric repair with Dawn Cammack, FabFix

Q&A about forming fabric repair with Dawn Cammack, FabFix

What types of paper machine clothing can you repair?


We repair all styles of single, double and triple layer synthetic forming fabrics (wet-end fabrics) for all types of paper products ranging from tissue to cartonboard.

Why should companies consider fabric repair rather than purchasing a new fabric?

Companies should consider fabric repair because of the potential cost savings involved, which can be significant, especially when the fabric is damaged relatively early in its life-cycle.

How long does a repair take, generally?

A fabric repair can take anywhere from one day to two weeks or more, depending on the complexity of the fabric’s construction, the size of the defect and the number of damaged yarns in the defective area.

How does your method compare to other methods of fabric repair

Other methods of fabric repair consist of the adhesive-backed iron-on patch and the do-it-yourself baseball stitch. The do-it-yourself baseball stitch is an attempt to close the damaged area while providing some machine side support, but this type of repair is ugly and can leave defects in the web because of the degree to which the surface of the repair is out-of-plane with the rest of the fabric’s surface. These repair methods are performed on the papermachine, and are temporary stopgap measures at best.

Our handwoven fabric repairs are permanent. We reconstruct the damaged area by replacing the damaged yarns with yarns from a similarly woven fabric sample. These new yarns are individually woven into the damaged fabric in-plane with the top and bottom sides of the fabric. We use a sewing needle and microscope to manually reconstruct the original weave pattern and restore the fabric’s original drainage capabilities and dimensional support.

What types of damage can you repair?

We repair tears, holes, scratches and creases. There is no upper limit to the size of the repair. We can repair anything with enough time and money. The photos above show a relatively large double-and-a-half layer fabric repair. It took 12 days to complete.

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