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Saint-Félicien mill opts for carbon capture

August 17, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

The majority of the CO2 will be used by Serres Toundra's vegetable greenhouse.

Resolute Forest Products and Serres Toundra will deploy enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology from CO2 Solutions at Resolute’s Saint-Félicien pulp mill.

The $7.4 million project involves the capture of up to 30 tonne of CO2/day (tpd) from Resolute’s softwood kraft pulp mill. The majority of the CO2 will be used by Serres Toundra’s neighboring vegetable greenhouse. By improving the performance of the greenhouse, while at the same time reducing the carbon emissions of the pulp mill, the reuse of the captured CO2 will provide tangible benefits to both Resolute and Serres Toundra.

“We are pleased to host this innovative, first-of-its-kind project in the pulp and paper industry,” stated Richard Garneau, president and CEO of Resolute. “Through our participation, we will reduce the carbon emissions from our Saint-Félicien mill, as well as support the scale-up of a low-cost carbon capture technology with the potential for broader deployment.”

Formed in 2014 as a partnership between Resolute, the city of Saint-Félicien and local investors, Serres Toundra is a 34-hectare greenhouse complex located adjacent to Resolute’s mill. This $100 million project will, when fully operational in 2019, be the largest greenhouse in Quebec, produce vegetables 12 months a year and contribute 400 jobs to the Lac-Saint-Jean region.


The project is specifically designed to minimize the footprint and capital cost of the carbon capture unit. According to CO2 Solutions, the design of the equipment further reduces the already low cost of the company’s technology and will be applicable in subsequent projects.

Following a six-month demonstration period, Serres Toundra has agreed to purchase the captured CO2 for a period of ten years thereafter. Based on the terms of the Agreement, CO2 Solutions expects to realize revenues of approximately $400,000 annually from the sale of captured CO2 and associated carbon credits.

As announced on March 4, 2016, and subject to obtaining total project funding commitments, Sustainable Development Technology Canada will provide $2.4 million towards the project in the form of a nonrefundable grant. Resolute and Serres Toundra will make in-kind contributions valued at $0.3 million and $0.1 million, respectively. CO2 Solutions is awaiting responses from potential public and private partners to complete the financing for the project.

“We are very proud to achieve the significant milestone of a first commercial agreement for the use of our technology alongside first-class partners. This will enable us to demonstrate the breakthrough combination of our enzymatic carbon capture process in low cost, small footprint RPB (high-intensity gas liquid rotating packed bed mass transfer technology) equipment,” stated Evan Price, president and CEO of CO2 Solutions. “The project is not only expected to provide us with a long-term revenue stream, but also provides a reference installation, which will be leveraged towards further scaleup of our technology and commercial deployments.”

“This [carbon capture] initiative is consistent with our values and our commitment to balancing the three pillars of our sustainability strategy – environmental, social and economic – which is helping us to become not only a more efficient company, but a better employer, a stronger partner for our customers, and more deeply engaged in the communities in which we live and work,” added Garneau.

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