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Smurfit Kappa debuts paper-based TOPPSafe pallet top

December 10, 2018 – Smurfit Kappa has invented a sustainable new alternative for the heavy wooden, chipboard, and plastic boards that are used to protect palletized products during transport and storage.

December 10, 2018  By P&PC Staff

A team of Smurfit Kappa designers in its Hexacomb operations collaborated to identify a food-safe and innovative solution that would be suitable for a range of sectors, including those which have stringent hygiene regulations.

Made from 100 per cent paper-based material, the innovative TOPPSafe is crafted from Hexacomb material, which is lightweight and strong due to its honeycomb structure.

A number of Smurfit Kappa’s customers were struggling with the weight and inflexibility of the more traditional wooden, chipboard and plastic pallet tops that are currently used in supply chains and often dropped, causing risk of injury. As TOPPSafe is significantly lighter, it is easier to handle.


The TOPPSafe pallet top is supplied flat to reduce storage space and the material is fully recyclable.

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