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Solenis ClearPoint biofilm detection and control solution for industrial cooling water

March 12, 2017  By P&PC Staff

Mar. 12, 2017 – Solenis says its new ClearPoint Biofilm Detection & Control program will help identify and prevent biofilm growth in extensive and complex cooling water systems.

According to the company, the ClearPoint program merges equipment, chemistry and service into a single, integrated solution that detects the early onset of biofilm and intelligently doses the right combination of proprietary Solenis chemistries to help remove it. Use of the program, it explains, can help promote improved heat transfer performance, lowered water usage and reduced corrosion and equipment damage caused by biofilm fouling.

It’s estimated that 20 per cent of corrosion comes from microbial sources, leading to pitting, deposit formation and premature repair and replacement of plant equipment, says Solenis, adding that biofilm is four times more insulating than typical mineral scale, greatly reducing heat transfer efficiency and increasing operational costs.


The program includes: an OnGuard 3B analyzer for real-time, in-situ monitoring using an ultrasonic probe; Biosperse microbiocides, biopenetrants and dispersants for biofilm removal and prevention; and service. Solenis experts implement the ClearPoint program by analyzing existing cooling system conditions, developing system-specific monitoring thresholds and treatment chemistries, and providing real-time monitoring that can include regular condition reporting and custom dashboards.

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