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Sonoco develops lightweight recyclable packaging for heavyweight products

November 25, 2020  By P&PC Staff

Sonoco Protective Solutions has added two paper-based packaging options for heavy and high-value products to its EnviroSense line of sustainable packaging.

The EnviroSense FiberMax Bulk Box packaging is designed to help companies with products weighing thousands of pounds to protect their items, reduce storage space, increase stacking strength and ultimately recycle the packaging.

Similarly, EnviroSense FiberMax Master Roll packaging protects materials in roll form such as films, foils and laminates and can help manufacturers to reduce costs, improve storage utilization and simplify recycling after use.


Both EnviroSense FiberMax packaging solutions are 100 per cent recyclable. Users of the FiberMax Bulk Box will find the package costs about half as much as similarly sized wooden crates.

Likewise, FiberMax Master Roll packaging can be as much as 25 per cent more cost effective and more than 50 per cent lighter when compared to wooden crate alternatives.

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