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Stora Enso announces support actions for employees

November 13, 2007  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Helsinki, Finland — Stora Enso has announced that it has launched actions, in close co-operation with the local em…

Helsinki, Finland — Stora Enso has announced that it has launched actions, in close co-operation with the local employment and business centres and the Finnish government, to support the employees affected by the planned restructuring measures announced last month in Finland. The planned actions are being proposed as part of the codetermination negotiations at Kymenlaakso and Kemijrvi.

Stora Enso had pledged support for employees in the initial October 25 announcement of the restructuring.We have worked collaboratively with the government representatives and local employment authorities since 25 October in order to maximise the benefit of these support actions on affected employees and their families. The proposed actions includes the most important steps we have identified to help our employees through this difficult process of change,” says Aulis Ansaharju, Country Manager Finland and EVP Fine Paper.


Stora Enso will assist in the development of ideas for new businesses and new jobs in Kymenlaakso and Kemijrvi, and also financially support temporary projects undertaken jointly with local employment and economic development centres and municipalities. The company hascommitted EUR 5 million for the actions in Kemijarvi and Kymenlaakso to support the programme already announced by the Finnish government.

Stora Enso will use its internal job market to help employees willing and able to relocate to find alternative employment within the Group, and will offer reasonable relocation and resettlement expenses. For employees made redundant, the company will also extend the period for offering re-employment from the legally obligatory nine months to twenty-four months, as well as help and financially support retraining to enable them to find alternative employment.

Stora Enso is also preparing corresponding actions, adapted to local practices, to support employees in other countries affected by the restructuring.

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