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Stora Enso introduces Intelligent Pulp Solution for pulp bale traceability

November 15, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Stora Enso Pulp ECOBale

Stora Enso has introduced a solution that increases visibility and unit-level traceability in the pulp value chain, now available to all pulp producers and consumers.

Using the new Intelligent Pulp Solution by Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging, companies can realize full traceability across the pulp value chain, from producers to transporters to warehouse operators to consumers.

The solution starts and ends with a pulp industry–specific tag, ECO Bale. ECO Bale is a paper-based, re-pulpable, and fully water-soluble RFID tag designed and optimized for tagging pulp bales. It complies with the special requirements of the pulping process.


Applied to the pulp bale, ECO Bale enables end-to-end traceability until the tagged bale enters the papermaking process and dissolves.

To efficiently apply ECO Bale to the pulp bale, Stora Enso developed the Pulp Industry Hammer System, which includes an off-the-shelf industrial-grade label applicator and RFID accessories. The Hammer system has been designed and built to maximize system uptime. All selected components are suitable for industrial environments.

The Hammer System, in operation, will do (1) quality control of the tag (2) automated removal of under-performing tags (3) tag encoding (4) encoding data transmission to the selected database (5) tag encoding verification by integrated RFID reader and (6) tag application to the bale unit.

To read the RFID-tagged bale units at different points in the pulp value chain, Stora Enso offers pre-designed and tested sonar reading systems for clamp trucks, gate reading points and more. At every reading point, the data is captured by the company’s Bridge Middleware for use in production and supply chain applications. The captured data may be fed via the Bridge Edge Server to customers’ systems and/or to the secure Bridge Cloud.

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