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December 1, 2009  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Host / Organisateur : PAPIER

Host / Organisateur : PAPIER

1. Supercritical Water Gasification of Solid Wastes -E. AFIF and R.R. Farnood, Univ. of Toronto


2. A Comprehensive Study of Caverns Formed using Side-Entering Axial-Flow Impellers for Designing Agitated Pulp Chests -L.K. HUI, C.P.J. Bennington and G.A. Dumont, UBC

3. Removal of Lipophilic Extractives from Papermaking Process Water using Chemically Modified Glass Beads -K. JRADI, B. Chabot and C. Daneault, CIPP-UQTR

4. Effect of the Adsorption of Ultrasonically Induced Cationic Birchwood Xylan on Paper Properties -S.H. LEE, H.L. Lee, H.J. Youn and H.X. Zhu, Seoul National Univ., Korea

5. Streaming Potential in Microfluidic Channels on Paper -V. LEUNG, R. Pelton and C. Filipe, McMaster Univ.

6. Impact of Chemical Treatments on Selective Refining of Jack Pine Long Fibre -Y. LIN and R. Lanouette, CIPP-UQTR

7. Application of Biorefinery Concept to the Dissolving Pulp Production Process -X. LIU and Y. Ni, UNB

8. Low-Consistency Refining of Mechanical Pulp: Effect of Feed Freeness, A. LUUKKONEN, J.A. Olson and D.M. Martinez, UBC

9. Fractionation in a Viscoplastic Fluid -A. MADANI, D.M. Martinez and J.A. Olson, UBC

10. A Model System of Polymer-Coated Microspheres and Nanocrystalline Cellulose to Simulate Platelet Aggregate Formation -L. MANFREDI, T.G.M. van de Ven and R.J. Hill, McGill Univ.

11. Combustion Aerodynamics Inside a Lime Kiln with a Multiple-Jet Burner -I. NIKOLAEV, H. Tran and P. Sullivan, Univ. of Toronto

12. Quantification of Amine Groups on Silanized Solid Adsorbent by UV Spectroscopy -L. OULANTI, B. Chabot and C. Daneault, CIPP-UQTR

13. Partition Behavior of Cationic Starch Between Fibres and Fines -Y. SANG, M. Preissinger and P. Englezos, UBC

14. Adsorption Kinetics of White Water Contaminants on Fines -G. RIVARD, C. Daneault and B. Chabot, CIPP-UQTR

15. Modeling the Maximum Capacity of a Screen Cylinder -H. SALEM, J.A. Olson and D.M. Martinez, UBC

16. The Influence of the Size and Amount of Pre-Flocculated Filler on Paper Properties -D. SEO, S.H. Lee and H.L. Lee, Seoul National Univ., Korea

17. Resistivity of Ash and Efficiency of Electrostatic Precipitators, I. SRETENOVIC, H. Tran and M. Kortschot, Univ. of Toronto

18. Influence of Paper Surface Chemistry on the Activity of Immobilized Antibodies -J. WANG and R. Pelton, McMaster Univ.

19. Designing Microgels for Advanced Paper Structure -Q. WEN and R. Pelton, McMaster Univ.

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