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Sunshine Paper’s automation improves efficiency

May 30, 2018 – Sunshine Paper, China's largest producer of coated and uncoated white top test liner and preprint home base, has automated its scheduling process for its five cutters by integrated opt-Studio with its SAP ERP solution.

May 30, 2018  By P&PC staff

The system went live in April. Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Company Limited was founded in 2000 and has a total paper capacity of 1.3 million tons per year.

“In our endeavours to improve and optimise production processes to mitigate the increased environmental costs due to the new Environmental Protection Tax which has been implemented in China, we approached Greycon which implemented its X-Trim trim optimisation application for us in 2009, to review the planning functionality for our sheeting processes,” Li Jinhai, CIO at Sunshine Paper, said. “Following its review, and based on the success of its trim solution X-Trim which they implemented for us in 2009, we requested Greycon integrate its advanced scheduling planning software, opt-Studio, with our ERP to schedule the sheet orders in our five cutters. 

“The adoption of opt-Studio provides us with improved short and mid-term planning capabilities. We can refresh the schedule automatically on every machine in seconds, giving the planner and other users full visibility of the impact of the decisions or external events.”


Tian Jinlong, business development director at Greycon said, “Rising environmental costs will intensify the competition in the paper industry and companies are implementing new solutions and upgrading existing products to ensure efficiencies are maximised. Profitable Chinese companies are finding it easier to invest in upgrading, however, smaller companies are under more pressure and may even be squeezed out of the market.

“Sunshine Paper approached us with a brief to optimise its planning functionality on its cutters,” Jinlong said. “The integration of opt-Studio enables the optimization of schedules, improving the production throughput. Since the system manages the scheduling of the orders, the effort of the planners will now be diverted to analysis and optimization instead of the routine work to feed the orders and their sequence into the ERP-system. opt-Studio will also change decision-making from that of being based on past experience, to fact-based decision-making. The powerful what-if functionality allows the planners to perform different kind of analyses to determine the most efficient way forward.

“The integration was organized using Greycon’s standard methods, Integration manager and schedule release to Microsoft SQL Server based database table.”

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