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Surface micro-roughness optimizes sheet release, paper quality

May 3, 2018  By P&PC staff

May 3, 2018 – Sheet release is optimized by Voith’s new MegaPress R roll cover that has a special micro-roughness on the surface. Paper quality is improved and the risk of web breaks is reduced, therefore avoiding costly unscheduled downtimes.

Longer service life also increases machine availability.

With ideal sheet release properties, the new MegaPress R roll covers are tailored to the production condition of smoothing presses. In these press systems, the paper web comes into direct contact with the roll surface. A perfect sheet fed from the roll is a key quality feature and basic prerequisite for outstanding paper quality.


In the MegaPress R, the micro-roughness of the roll surface ensures that the paper web releases easily from the roll. This lowers the stress on the paper, reducing the risk of a web break, also resulting in less unscheduled downtime. The easy sheet release as a result of the micro-roughness also leads to ideal paper quality as no fibres are torn from the paper. Additionally, the new structure of the cover allows for effective cleaning by the doctor blade, avoiding deposits on the roll surface and significantly improving the operational reliability of the machine.

However, it is not only due to the excellent sheet release that the triple-layer roll cover makes production more efficient – it is because of their particularly long service lives that MegaPress R covers have to be replaced less often. This increases the availability of the machine and reduces costs. The first roll covers installed at several paper manufacturers in Europe have confirmed these benefits. Manufacturers from the board and packaging segment in particular have responded positively to the expansion of Voith’s roll cover range.

For more information, contact a local sales representative and/or email: paperNA@voith.com for a contact within North America.

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