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Sustana Fiber, Sonoco and Kellogg’s jointly work to prove recyclability of paper containers

May 26, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Photo: Sustana Group

Sonoco recently announced favourable results from a recent trial with Sustana in collaboration with Kellogg’s, offering new opportunities to recycle paper containers.

Sonoco confirmed that paper containers with steel bottoms can be recycled in the steel stream on the basis of three-third-party sortation trials conducted.

The next step was to further increase the recyclability of paper containers in the paper stream. There was already proven success in producing 100 percent recycled paperboard with up to 85 percent post-consumer fibre from bales of mixed paper at all Sonoco U.S. paper mills. However, it was still unknown if paper containers could be recycled further.


Sonoco partnered with Sustana, which specializes in manufacturing sustainably produced recycled fibre and paper. Through this partnership, Sonoco validated the idea that paper containers could be processed in the paper stream and made into reusable materials. The Sustana trial confirmed that through the pulping process, the fibre components separate from non-fibre components. The remaining fibre can be made into usable paperboard for new products, thus creating a circular economy journey.

‘’By partnering with sustainability-conscious companies like Sonoco and shifting to a circular economy, brands can provide consumers with sustainable recycled paper products that meet their growing preference for environmentally friendly packaging,” said Renee Yardley, Sustana’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

This finding allows Sonoco to accept its paper products back for recycling. In addition, it provides the opportunity to close the loop within the sustainability economy, especially through the food packaging industry.

“It’s no easy task, but we believe closing the loop is always worth our time, talent, and resources,” said Scott Byrne, associate director of global sustainability for Sonoco. “By validating that paper containers can be processed in the paper stream, there’s hope to see an increase in recycled fibre. Ultimately, through strategic collaboration, it’s more possible than ever to reduce the impact of hard to recycle items.

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