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Sustana Fiber’s Quebec paper mill now accepting cartons for recycling

May 22, 2020  By P&PC Staff

Sustana Fiber’s paper mill in Lévis, Quebec is now accepting food and beverage cartons for recycling, the company says in a statement released through the Carton Council Canada (CCC).

According to the CCC, the Lévis facility is the first Canadian mill in 20 years to recycle cartons onsite.

The mill started recycling cartons on May 1 because it needs alternative sources of high-quality fibre due to demand for household paper products that has surged during COVID-19.


“By recycling alternative fibres, we are proud to enhance our support for a thriving circular economy and help conserve precious resources,” says Michele Bartolini, senior marketing director at Sustana. “We are also keen to do our part, supporting the supply chain working to make the products people need right now.”

“Ensuring stable end-markets is an essential element of the Carton Council Canada’s ongoing mandate as it is a vital component of a sustainable carton recycling supply chain,” says Isabelle Faucher, managing director of the Carton Council Canada.

“We are thrilled by the action Sustana Fiber, Lévis has taken and hope it provides an added incentive for those MRFs [material recovery facilities] who are not yet positively sorting this commodity to start doing so.”

CCC offers resources to MRFs to support their carton-sorting optimizing process.

In 2019, an estimated 33,000 tonnes of cartons were collected for recycling in Canada. As of January 2020, the national blended carton recycling-recovery rate was 58 per cent, up from 26 per cent in 2008 (some jurisdictions report a recycling rate while others report a recovery rate, so a uniform national recycling or recovery rate is not available).

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