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Suzano begins operations after merger with Fibria

January 16, 2019  By P&PC Staff

January 16, 2019 – Suzano, the Brazilian-based company resulting from the merger of Suzano Pulp & Paper and Fibria, has begun operations.

The company is already a producer of eucalyptus pulp and one of Latin America’s largest paper manufacturers. The last phase of the transaction was concluded today, when Suzano Pulp & Paper paid R$27.8 billion to Fibria’s shareholders, who in turn became shareholders in Suzano, the company’s new trade name.

“We have successfully realized a dream,” says Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano. “The journey on which we now embark is driven by the aspiration to play a leading role in the advancement of society, to be a reference in the sustainable use of renewable resources and, consequently, to help build a better world, today and tomorrow.” 


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The company will have annual production capacity of 11 million tons of market pulp and 1.4 million tons of paper. Suzano’s competitiveness can be measured by its global footprint, with sales to over 80 countries, as well as by the scale of its operations, with 11 plants in Brazil and approximately 37,000 direct and indirect employees.

“We will combine technologies with an entrepreneurial spirit to go beyond, which will enable us to make a difference in society by positively impacting local communities and the billions of people around the world who use products made from our pulp every day,” says Schalka.

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