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TAPPI releases new book on how to master papermaking additives

August 13, 2020  By P&PC Staff

TAPPI has released a new publication to help paper technologists differentiate their products and better meet the paper performance needs of their customers.

“Readers will learn how to use functional additives as a tool to gain competitive advantages, efficiently leverage investments and fine-tune products,” says Martin A. Hubbe, one of the editors of Make Paper Products Stand Out: Strategic Use of Wet End Chemical Additives, published by TAPPI Press.

The addition of relatively small amounts of papermaking additives such as dyes, hydrophobic sizing agents, dry strength agents and wet-strength agents can significantly change the properties of paper. Such agents can markedly affect attributes of the paper product, including colour, brightness, opacity, resistance to fluids, liquid absorption or holdout characteristics, as well as a wide range of strength attributes.


Make Paper Products Stand Out highlights many of the approaches that papermakers use to adjust and control critical properties necessary for the performance of their paper grades.

The book’s 19 authors dive into colorants, fluid resistance, absorbency, tactile and frictional effects, security papers, dry strength, printing paper, and bulky, formable, or foldable paper.

This is the second joint editorial effort for Hubbe and Scott Rosencrance. They co-edited Advances in Papermaking Wet End Chemistry Application Technologies, also from TAPPI Press, in 2018. The duo is already working on a third publication about process additives for paper.

Make Paper Products Stand Out is available as a print publication or e-book. Orders can be placed online or through TAPPI’s Member Connection Center, 1-800-332-8686 (US).

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