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Women in ForestryFeaturesHealth & SafetyWorkforce

July 19, 2022
Pulp and paper’s future leaders: Meet Ashleigh Marchl

Women in ForestryNewsWorkforce

March 9, 2022
Paper Excellence contributes to Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship Fund

Women in ForestryFeaturesForestryWorkforce

March 9, 2022
Breaking biases: Women in Forestry Virtual Summit tackle difficult questions

Women in ForestryFeaturesQ & A

March 3, 2022
Leveraging experiences to inspire change: Q&A with Cynthia Larose, plant manager at Cascades Recovery+

Women in ForestryFeaturesQ & A

March 3, 2022
Learning to grow: Q&A with Khushbu Vandara, environmental supervisor at Paper Excellence

Women in ForestryFeatures

March 3, 2022
#BreakTheBias: Addressing the gender stereotypes in forestry and beyond

Women in ForestryFeaturesBioeconomyOperations & ManagementQ & A

March 2, 2022
Persevering to achieve success: Q&A with Shabnam Sanaei, director of bio-innovation and technology at Canfor

Women in ForestryFeaturesQ & AWorkforce

March 1, 2022
Leading fearlessly: Q&A with Emily Dou, new product development supervisor at Domtar

Women in ForestryFeaturesQ & AWorkforce

February 28, 2022
Being a change-maker: Q&A with Kelly Parfitt, manager of engineering and capital for Canfor Pulp

Women in ForestryFeaturesNewsForestry

December 9, 2021
Present at our 2022 Women in Forestry Virtual Summit

Women in ForestryNewsFeaturesForestryWorkforce

August 11, 2021
Feds invest $550K in forestry initiative to support jobs for underrepresented groups

Women in ForestryFeaturesPodcastEnvironment & SustainabilityForestryWatch & Listen

August 3, 2021
PODCAST | Sappi’s Rebecca Barnard on sustainable forestry for pulp and paper

Women in ForestryFeaturesWorkforce

July 27, 2021
Your manufacturing workforce: Complete exit interviews before it’s too late

Women in ForestryFeaturesPaperPulpWorkforce

July 19, 2021
Pulp and paper’s future leaders: Meet Yu Sun

Women in ForestryNewsFeaturesForestryWorkforce

June 28, 2021
N.S. establishes Forestry Sector Council, appoints new board

Women in ForestryNewsFeaturesForestryWorkforce

April 8, 2021
Tolko exec named to Women’s Forest Congress advisory council

Women in ForestryNewsFeaturesPaperWorkforce

March 17, 2021
Sustana announces new director and sustainability ambassador

Women in ForestryFeaturesFinancial Reports & MarketsPaperPulpWorkforce

March 12, 2021
The courage to change: Women in Forestry Virtual Summit calls for culture shift

Women in ForestryFeaturesEnvironment & SustainabilityQ & A

March 8, 2021
Change for the better: Q&A with Teddy Townsley, energy manager at Canfor Pulp

Women in ForestryFeaturesForestryPulpQ & AWorkforce

March 5, 2021
A rewarding career: Q&A with Janet Lane, forest manager at Domtar

Women in ForestryFeaturesPodcastPaperPulpWatch & Listen

March 5, 2021
PODCAST | Q&A with Pamela Cowan, TAPPI’s Women in Industry Division

Women in ForestryFeaturesPulpQ & AWorkforce

March 4, 2021
Building partnerships: Q&A with Jenna Strachan, Indigenous relations superintendent at Mercer Peace River

Women in ForestryFeaturesProcess ControlPulpQ & A

March 3, 2021
Focusing on the process: Q&A with Colleen Mireau, technical supervisor at Millar Western

Women in ForestryFeaturesPaperQ & A

March 2, 2021
Learning every day: Q&A with Nikki Stein, newsmill shift superintendent at Resolute

Women in ForestryFeaturesEnvironment & SustainabilityPulpQ & A

March 1, 2021
Trading plastics for pulp: Q&A with Kayte Sutherland, environmental process EIT at Al-Pac

Women in ForestryFeaturesFinancial Reports & MarketsPaperPulpWorkforce

March 1, 2021
Editorial: #ChooseToChallenge adds momentum to supporting women in forestry

Women in ForestryFeaturesPaperPulpWorkforce

February 25, 2021
Coming soon: The Women in Forestry Virtual Summit is Mar. 9!

Women in ForestryNewsFeaturesPackagingTissueWorkforce

February 16, 2021
Cascades featured as gender diversity leader in manufacturing report