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Toscotec announces carbon-reduction breakthrough in in Steel Yankee Dryers

July 8, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Photo: Toscotec

Toscotec recently introduced TT Induction SYD, a carbon-reduction breakthrough in Steel Yankee Dryers for sustainable papermaking. TT Induction SYD uses electrical induction instead of steam energy to dry the paper web, thereby cutting direct greenhouse gas emissions to zero.

The company said in a statement that the TT Induction SYD is set to be the new game-changer in tissue for its capability to use clean energy and slash direct carbon emissions associated with the drying process.

With TT Induction SYD, the internal steam distribution and steam/condensate removal systems are entirely replaced by an induction system composed of static coils installed inside the shell and electrical controls and instrumentation located outside for easy maintenance and monitoring. With the precise coil geometry, the induction system delivers a fast and accurate heating effect exactly on the areas of the shell where it is required. At the same time, it prevents residual circulating currents in other areas.


Steam-heated Yankees use steam energy typically generated by burning fossil fuels. TT Induction SYD uses electrical energy that can be derived from renewable energy sources. TT Induction SYD is suitable for installation on dry crepe as well as Through-Air-Drying (TAD) tissue lines.

By using clean energy, TT Induction SYD achieves zero direct emissions. The company notes that it maintains unchanged productivity and reduces energy consumption due to the high efficiency of the induction system. The precise heating of the shell also eliminates possible moisture profile issues related to uneven condensate removal.

TT Induction SYD was designed without any electrical, mechanical and radiation risk to ensure maximum safety.

It clears issues related to the maintenance of steam-heated Yankees, including pressure vessel’s mandatory and planned controls, maintenance of condensate straw pipes against potential plugging and of special heads for steam and condensate inlet and outlet. TT Induction SYD simply requires relatively easy maintenance on the electromagnetic induction system.

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