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Valmet contributes to Kotkamills’ PM conversion

Kotkamills' rebuilt board machine 2 (BM2) restarted on July 22 in Finland. Valmet supplied key technology and an automation package for the extensive paper machine grade conversion project. The printing paper (MFC) production line was converted to produce a range of folding boxboards and food service boards.

August 24, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

Kotkamills personnel at start-up on July 22

“Our BM2 is the first machine in the world to have the capability to produce dispersion barrier coatings directly on the machine, producing barrier boards that can be recycled with normal paper waste due to having zero plastic content,” says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills. “The interest in our new sustainable products has been massive. The new machine offers a wide range of interesting possibilities for converters, brand owners and designers alike.”

Stefan Fors, project director of Kotkamills, says he was pleased with how quickly the project came together. “The project schedule was really tight; from the change of the ownership of Kotkamills to start-up in less than sixteen months. That is extremely fast. I am very pleased with cooperation with Valmet and how well-prepared Valmet’s project organization was for such an extensive project.”

Valmet’s delivery included equipment for stock preparation, a new coating section with two layering curtain coating stations, a blade coating station with roll application, a sizing section with film application and all related coating air dryers. A wide scope of equipment for coating color kitchen and machine circulation for sizing and coating was included. The delivery also included a center driven reel, a two-drum compact winder, modernization of dryer section and calender.


An extensive automation package for BM2 included Valmet DNA machine and drive controls with integrated condition monitoring, and Valmet IQ quality management solution including QCS, several profilers and web runnability monitoring and inspection system. Automation deliveries for the pulp mill and the chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) plant include a number of analyzers and measurements including optimizing process controls for various process stages. CTMP plant and the coating kitchen are also equipped with Valmet DNA automation system.

A performance agreement between Kotkamills and Valmet was made to continuously develop BM2 coating process to qualify as high-class coated board. The agreement involves both on-site support and troubleshooting support via remote connection to speed up problem solving.

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