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Valmet releases DNA Dashboard for critical production process information

September 11, 2018  By P&PC Staff

September 10, 2018 – Valmet has released its DNA Dashboard concept, a web application that provides pre-analyzed, essential production process information as an easy-to-understand visualization.

The DNA Dashboard is part of Valmet’s 2018 DNA Automation System collection, which has included improvements to IO products and OPC UA communication capabilities. The system is used in pulp, paper, energy and other process industries.

The dashboards use the real-time and history data already available through customers’ Valmet DNA Automation System. The new DNA dashboards make it possible to immediately see what is happening at a mill or plant and react to changing situations.


By connecting to existing system data via a stationary system or mobile, the Valmet DNA Dashboard can provide key performance indicators and information to different user roles at a mill or plant, from operators to the CEO.

The dashboards are available for alarm management for all industries.

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