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Voith and the Oscars’ golden envelopes

February 25, 2016
By Cindy Macdonald
The golden paper used for the Oscar envelopes is produced by Gmund Papier on a Voith paper machine. Photo: Voith Paper

“And the Oscar goes to…” – these magical words will once again make 24 Oscar® recipients very happy at the 88th presentation of the Academy Awards® on Feb. 28. Voith plays a small part in the awards ceremony because the paper for the envelopes, which contain the presumably 24 best kept secrets of the film industry, originate from a paper machine made by Voith.

Gmund Treasury is the name of the award-worthy paper used for the Oscar envelopes. Gmund Papier (Gmund Paper) produces the glamorous paper on its paper machine PM 407 from Voith.

The first high-quality papers made on PM 407 rolled off the production line at the Gmund paper mill in 1979. Voith originally built the machine for a Swiss paper manufacturer. After a rebuild, it was brought to Gmund at Lake Tegernsee, Germany, where it continues to make its special contribution to the Oscar® ceremony. This is the fifth time Gmund paper has been used for the envelopes.