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Voith debuts polyurethane roll cover for press rolls

March 8, 2021  By P&PC Staff

IntensePress by Voith. Photo: Voith

Voith is now offering a new polyurethane (PU) roll cover that has been developed for press rolls: the IntensePress.

This has been specifically designed for use in the demanding applications of pulp machines and twin-wire presses.

The new type of polyurethane offers high chemical resistance. Furthermore, it is characterized by a high level of temperature resistance.


The roll cover’s PU surface is modified according to individual requirements to achieve a greater open surface and thus increased dewatering performance and a higher dry content.

IntensePress can also ensure a wider nip and, in doing so, minimize the specific pressure. Voith determines what the optimal nip load will look like for each customer, taking into account the individual operating conditions.

IntensePress can be used on all current machines on the market.

Voith not only offers the new type of polyurethane for press rolls but also for suction press rolls. The PU cover IntenseFlow, for example, has the same properties as IntensePress but differs in its surface geometry, which has been adapted to suction press rolls.

IntensePress is available in the following four versions: smooth, blind-drilled, grooved and blind-drilled and grooved.

In addition to the suction holes, IntenseFlow is available with the following surface finishes: blind-drilled, grooved, and blind-drilled and grooved.

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