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Voith receives sustainability award for its XcelLine paper machines

December 9, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Prof. Michael Baumgart presented the German Sustainability Award to Dr.Christoph Lapp, senior vice-president of product management at Voith Paper. Copyrights: Dariusz Misztal.

Voith Paper’s XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition – Vision category.

The German Sustainability Award is a comprehensive award with eight competitions with a high number of applicants. The award is presented by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) in cooperation with the German government, leading municipal associations, business associations, civil society organizations and research institutions.

The decisive factor for the DNP jury was the contribution to achieving the climate targets of the 2030 agenda. The XcelLine paper machines were selected by the board for their design and resource savings capabilities.


The award in the Vision category is also based on the design study “Papermaking Vision,” which Voith presented in 2021. It shows the future of the papermaking process, according to a press statement released by the company. The concept is being integrated step by step in customer projects and optimizes performance as well as design, safety, ease of operation and maintenance and quality. The design study also plays into the goals of Voith Paper’s Papermaking for Life sustainability program.

The jury of the German Sustainability Award was convinced by Voith’s holistic approach to playing a pioneering role in the paper industry, both today and in the future. Voith therefore “quite rightly” won the German Sustainability Award, said Prof. Michael Baumgart, founder of the Cradle to Cradle concept, at the award ceremony in Düsseldorf.

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