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Voith sets carbon dioxide-neutral paper production target for 2030

July 14, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Energy costs are high in paper production. Voith has set the goal of enabling CO2-neutral paper production by 2030 with the help of disruptive technologies and an optimized product portfolio.

The company noted in a statement that all its products are ideally harmonized with each other to make paper production as resource-efficient as possible. The company’s Papermaking 4.0 portfolio offers optimization opportunities in every area that can be quickly implemented by Voith experts.

Automation solutions, such as the OnQ Profilmatic CD profile control, also achieve energy savings. With the Eco-Mode setting, excess spray water can be reduced on an OnQ ModulePro nozzle moisturizer, saving drying energy. The software upgrade can be quickly and easily installed remotely on the existing cross-profile control system by OnPerformance.Lab (OPL) experts.


For all other solutions from the Papermaking 4.0 portfolio, Voith experts offer support in analyzing the current potential for improvement and in defining and implementing optimization measures. In addition, the OPL experts can provide valuable information in the area of monitoring and auditing that can lead to energy savings.

OnView.Energy’s different views allow the comparison of energy consumption in different time periods or with different paper grades. Particular savings potential can be found in the area of drying and air technology. Modern high dew point hoods, such as the EcoHood 65 in combination with the OnC.HoodBalance dew point and zero-line control, increase the heat recovery potential and enable a massive reduction in energy use. The application will be deployed for wide industrial use by the end of the year.

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