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Weyerhaeuser cuts greenhouse gas emissions

June 27, 2006
By Pulp & Paper Canada

Weyerhaeuser is going green.

Weyerhaeuser is going green.

The company recently pledged to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by a hefty 40% by 2020. The company is also endeavoring to scale back its reliance on fossil fuels, and will install cleaner-burning boilers in its mills.


According to the World Resources Institute, Weyerhaeuser’s commitment to a 40% reduction is one of the largest in the private sector. “What Weyerhaeuser has done is exemplary,” said Jonathan Lash, president of the environmental think tank.

The company’s pulp and paper mills already generate 72% of their energy from biomass. Its pulp mills in particular have the potential to become entirely energy self-sufficient.

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