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What’s New… (September 01, 2004)

September 1, 2004  By Pulp & Paper Canada





WOLFSCHULGEN AND NURTIGEN, GERMANY — Germany-based label and packaging materials manufacturer schfer-etiketten and Kugler Womako, a Krber PaperLink company are planing to cooperate in the field of labeling technology.

According to the plan, schfer-etiketten intends to stop the manufacture and sales of its labeling machines business at schfer-etiketten in order to expand its core business of manufacturing and printing self-adhesive labels and packaging materials.

Kugler Womako intends to incorporate the Combina labeling machine series from schfer-etiketten into its own product line-up and to manufacture, sell and further develop it in the existing company organization at its own cost. The companies will work together to provide the full measure of customer support, from labeling systems planning and application to supplying spare parts for the substantial number of Combina labeling machines and systems already installed.

The companies are located within four kilometres of one another, which will facilitate their cooperation.



ROBBINSVILLE, NJ — TAH Industries has developed a Multi-Bolt Flange, designed for its T-series line of static mixers. The innovation is intended for customers who need to install into metric systems. The solution will permit them to connect to a wider range of flanges without the need for a transition or conversion flange.

The Multi-Bolt Flange will continue to connect to the standard ANSI 150 pattern, as well as the PN10 and PN16 Table D&E patterns to facilitate a smoother installation in metric systems. It is available in 2″-8″ diameters and both PVC and CPVC materials.


VANCOUVER, WA — Micropump is now offering a line of miniature pumping systems and solutions for different types of hydrogen fuel cell technologies. Designed to meet all low viscosity hydrocarbon fuel pumping requirements, the pumps’ hardened materials provide chemical resistance. Precision machined components ensure tight tolerances for efficient and accurate operations in stand-alone and vehicular electric power generation systems.


AUSTIN, TEXAS — Emerson Process Management has extended its PlantWeb digital plant architecture to provide alerts that predict operational issues with critical mechanical and process equipment. The technology will permit manufacturers the opportunity to prevent abnormal situations.

The new alerts are implemented as the AMS suite of applications monitors plant equipment to detect alert conditions. The information can be displayed on an AMS Suite: Asset Portal and can also be delivered to the DeltaV digital automation system, enabling operators and maintenance personnel to work together to avoid unscheduled downtime or process upsets.

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