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Feltest highlights caliper profiler for press felt thickness

September 23, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Feltest's Caliper Profiler

Feltest‘s Caliper Profiler is a press felt thickness meter that can improve runnability of the paper machine.

Measuring caliper helps to monitor the condition of the machine clothing, and to determine wear and compaction for a sound planning of stops.

The Caliper Profiler measures the true fabric caliper profile, not influenced by water films (water-skiing of the feelers) or contaminations on the fabric’s surface. The built-in memory will always fetch the minimum caliper, and an edge profile is made within seconds.


The profiler’s accuracy and units are ± 0.01 mm or ± 0.40 mil, and its dimensions (l x h x d) are 431 x 127 x 25 mm.

The weight is 1.8 kg, or 4.8 kg including carrying case. Its protection rating is IP 64.

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