Pulp and Paper Canada

Sustana Fiber’s Quebec paper mill started recycling cartons earlier this month because it needs alternative sources of high-quality fibre due to high demand for household paper products: http://ow.ly/Hszc50zNL3H #pulpandpaper #packaging

Researchers at the Bioproducts Institute at @UBC have used wood fibre to design what they say could be the first N95 mask that can be sourced and produced entirely in Canada: http://ow.ly/8NRS50zMWpL #pulpandpaper

Northern Pulp says it is 'disappointed' by Nova Scotia’s revised ministerial order last week governing the shutdown of the Abercrombie-based mill – and that the outlined terms could result in odours at Boat Harbour this summer. http://ow.ly/4Hef50zMTSI #pulpandpaper

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