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PayShepherd, a company that automates contractor billing, has secured $3 million USD in funding. CEO Wesley Sessenwein shares how the funds will be used to help #pulpandpaper clients.
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We are pleased to recognize Kudzanai Nyamayaro, PhD candidate at @UBC, for his advanced research in making use of bioderived (forest-based) and biodegradable polymers in new and innovative ways to stimulate a lower-carbon economy: https://www.fpac.ca/posts/two-recipients-named-for-national-forestry-innovation-awards #WorldEnvironmentDay

We are proud to congratulate Anupama Sharan, PhD candidate at University of Toronto, for her innovative research in the field of forestry, strengthening Canada’s position as a leader in sustainable forestry and environmental research: https://www.fpac.ca/posts/two-recipients-named-for-national-forestry-innovation-awards #WorldEnvironmentDay

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Conveyor Belt Cleaning Brushes
Associated Industrial Brush Co. Ltd.

Our conveyor belt cleaning brushes can help you boost productivity at your business. You equipment can’t run at its best when it’s clogged with...

Industrial Vacuum Systems
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Lincoln Electric can provide a variety of vacuum systems for welding fume control applications. Some of the equipment we offer includes portable and statio...

Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

An industry leader since 1943, Bohne Spring Industries designs and manufactures compression springs, precision springs, wire, strip forms, and metal stampi...

Can Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited

We can supply can handling conveyors to suit any application. Norpak Handling Limited has unparalleled experience working with a broad variety of industrie...

Courses And Seminars Training
CSA Group

Courses and seminars from CSA Group can make improve your staff’s capabilities on the job. Industry never stops growing and changing, which means you...

Steel Key Stock
Daemar Inc.

Steel keystock from Daemar Inc. can help make sure your parts stay in the right spot within your assemblies. Available in a variety of different sizes, we ...