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Millar Western’s Whitecourt BCTMP mill installs PulpEye analyzer

November 26, 2019  By P&PC Staff

Millar Western has installed a PulpEye system to its Whitecourt pulp mill in Alberta, Canada.Millar Western has installed a PulpEye system to its Whitecourt pulp mill in Alberta, Canada.

Millar Western has installed a PulpEye quality control system to its Whitecourt, Alberta BCMTP pulp mill.

The delivery consists of analyzer modules for CSF, fibre dimensions, shives, brightness and crill.

The PulpEye base unit comprises a cabinet with space for three analyzer modules measuring pulp quality parameters online from one or more sampling positions. Modules connected in the system provide data analysis and control of any specific fibre property. When needed, more modules can be added via additional cabinets.


When the Whitecourt pulp mill began production in 1988, it was designed to produce 210,000 air-dried metric tonnes (ADMT) of BCTMP per year.

Today, the mill’s capacity stands at 320,000 ADMT. The pulp mill produces BCTMP pulps, using hardwood as well as softwood as raw material, in 20 different pulp grades for use in products such as fine printing and writing papers, paperboard, specialty papers, tissue and towelling.

“Research studies have shown that crill is the single variable having the strongest connection to paper or board strength,” says Lars Norin, PulpEye Canada. “The more crill there are on and around the fibres, the stronger the paper or board will be. By measuring the amount of crill, it is possible to pre-calculate the strength of paper and board and hence define the refining needed to optimize the amount of crill.”

According to PulpEye, Millar Western’s installation marks the ninth installation of its equipment in Canada.

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