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ORP and pH sensors for corrosive liquids

February 24, 2017  By P&PC Staff

Feb. 24, 2017 – Barben Analytical was issued Canadian Registration Number 0F16420.2 (Alberta) for its pH, ORP and conductivity sensors.

Often referred to as “CRN”, this product designation certifies that Barben sensors have passed stringent high-pressure testing and can be used in industrial pressure vessels and piping.

Barben Analytical products with CRN include the Performance Series pH and ORP sensors built with the patented Axial Ion Path reference design. Designed for highly corrosive liquids, the Axial Ion Path reference is specifically targeted towards measurements found in chemical plants, refineries, paper mills, mining and other industrial applications.


Barben’s unique four electrode conductivity sensors also are part of the CRN offering. Four electrode sensors work well in medium to high conductivity applications where particulate coating and build-up may be present in the measured liquid.
Applicable products are stamped with the CRN logo for easy identification.

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