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Paper Excellence Canada’s Bright Futures Scholarship recipient shares his story

May 17, 2023  By P&PC Staff

Photo: Paper Excellence

Derek Buemann, a student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), received a Paper Excellence Canada Bright Futures Scholarship.

Reflecting on this opportunity, Buemann shared his story with Paper Excellence:

“I would like to thank Paper Excellence Canada for the Bright Futures Scholarship. It means a lot to receive your support and it is helping me work towards my goals.


Last summer, I worked for the British Columbia Wildfire Service as a wildland firefighter. I plan to continue this over the summers as long as I am attending university. British Columbia is known for its lush and well-managed forests, and they are an important part of our economy. Working to protect BC’s forestry industry brought me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I appreciate that your company has a vision to maintain sustainable manufacturing while improving the well-being of the communities in B.C. by giving to people like me!

I am currently in the Faculty of Applied Science studying first-year engineering at UBC. In the later years of my degree, I would like to go into mechanical engineering, and then further specialize into aerospace engineering. Once I graduate, I would like to pursue a career in the space industry. I want to help develop new technologies that can push humankind to new horizons, but I also want to work on projects that will benefit us here on Earth, such as data-collecting satellites.

This scholarship has helped give me financial security and allowed me to focus on my degree rather than worrying about how I am going to pay for it. I am now more comfortable following my passions. Thank you.”

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