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April 1, 2006  By Pulp & Paper Canada

Dear Editor,…

Dear Editor,

Gerry Smith (now living in Maine) and I went to Alma one cold November week a long time ago to gather information for preliminary engineering and estimate for No. 14 Paper Machine. It was to be a four-roll machine. When I filled in the new machine in place of the two machines to be replaced in the previous year’s mill cost report, it was found that the cost of producing newsprint at the mill would be higher with the new machine. In the introduction of the report, I suggested that a five-roll machine be considered. All the work was redone and the project was approved. I prepared the P&ID’s and other work for the final engineering. The design was for 2500 fpm and a future 3000 fpm. The mill started up the machine successfully at 2550 fpm. A sister machine was installed at Grand Falls, NF. If anyone wondered why a 16″ nozzle was installed for the wire pit fill line, it was because a piece of eraser dust was on the drawing and changed 6″ to 16″! The project is one of my most pleasant memories because of the many wonderful people at Price Bros. It is a pleasure to read that the machine will contribute to the viability of the company and the community for years to come.


Donald V. Hyzer

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the article “Canada’s Forest Industry: Learning a Hard Lesson”. For one, I have 26 years of forestry experience and have experienced a lay-off. With my experience, you would think finding a job would be easy.

Well, think again!

My question is: where are all the jobs? I do believe a better advertising system for posting of forestry positions is required.

Still searching for a forestry career

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