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Prototype paper made from marijuana stalks

February 24, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

Restalk has made paper from cannabis by-products

A company focused on the recycling and repurposing of cannabis bio-waste has completed its first prototype paper product created from 100% recycled marijuana stalk. Restalk says its has engineered a sustainable and tree-free paper product.

“Now more than ever, cannabis is our nation’s largest cash crop. Only recently has there been any attention focused on the byproducts caused from the cultivation of medical and recreational marijuana,” says Restalk CEO and co-founder Lucas Hildebrand. “Our interest lies within what we can tangibly recycle and repurpose today, tomorrow and in the immediate future. We have successfully developed a supply chain of sustainable farmers, collected several tons of material and have begun the recycling process.”

“Our paper prototype is a great start, but we are really just scratching the surface. There is a real viability for our material to be integrated across several sectors, whether it be in the form of composites, bio-plastics, textiles, or even 3D printing. There are many practical and cutting edge applications,” he continues.


Restalk is working in concert with several major brands towards developing strategic partnerships for their eco-friendly source material, which is set to go into production spring of 2016.

Restalk recycles parts of the plant which contain marginal levels of psychoactive properties. Through the recycling process any subsequent THC compounds are removed, according to the company, making the material federally legal to possess and handle, as per the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.

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