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Sappi North America’s volume 7 of The Standard discusses the power of packaging perceptions

May 16, 2023  By P&PC Staff

Sappi North America announced the release of its latest volume of The Standard series. Designed for Sappi by Kit Hinrichs, principal of Studio Hinrichs, volume 7 of The Standard is printed on Spectro, Sappi’s sustainably manufactured premium paperboard, and highlights the importance of sensory packaging in creating a memorable and profitable brand experience.

“In an age where brand loyalty is not only a competitive advantage but a necessity, The Standard 7 equips brands with specialty techniques to stand out from the crowd and foster customer connection,” said Patti Groh, director of communications at Sappi North America. “The Standard 7 represents Sappi’s ongoing investment in paper and packaging as a tool to enhance brand image for any company.”

The company explains in a press statement that The Standard 7 examines how packaging has become the pivotal touchpoint that reinforces all the marketing efforts that preceded it. Brands of any tier, from value to luxury, must appeal to customers beyond cerebral logic. As customers form their opinions on the quality, care and trustworthiness of a brand, it is imperative that marketers understand the subconscious drivers of choice and preference, says Sappi. The book dives into how brands big or small can leverage the power of neuroscience to captivate audiences and build emotional connections through multisensory elements in packaging.


Hinrichs, who created all seven volumes of The Standard on behalf of Sappi says, “The Standard 7 is the latest evolution in packaging design and printing technology. It continues to explore the value of touch and feel within the consumers purchasing experience.”

For over a decade, each edition of The Standard has focused on a single aspect of the printing and design process, allowing for a closer, more comprehensive look at each phase.

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