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SDT releases 2nd Generation Ultranalysis Suite Software

April 30, 2018  By P&PC Staff

Apr. 30, 2018 – SDT has announced an upgrade to its Ultranalysis Suite Software (UAS), an ultrasound data management software. The new UAS2 generation features a new dashboard of different widgets, bringing together database elements to trend and analyze ultrasound and vibration data, explains the company.

Everything is controlled from the Measurement Matrix, says SDT, which provides a snapshot of every measurement assigned to an asset. Users can click on a measurement to build a Trend Graph, Time Waveform and Spectrum view. In UAS2, users can select the view (trend/time/spectrum) and customized it to quarter pane or full screen analytical view. UAS2 automatically labels the top 10 highest impact events. With 8k sampling frequency, smart zoom mouse control drills down to the nanosecond to view every measurement collected by your SDT270, explains SDT. As well, users can select and remove bad sections of data from their dynamic signal; UAS2 automatically recalculates the RMS/Peak/CF values from the edited signal. A scrolling playback cursor visually directs users through the time signal during playback, allowing users to follow along to every ultrasonic crackle, click and rub.

“Ultrasound provides unmatched versatility for ultrasound inspectors,” said SDT managing director Andre Degraeve. “UAS2 is a fulfillment of our promise to explore new ideas, improve existing ones, and create new applications for our customers.”


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