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The times they are a-changin’

December 1, 2007  By Pulp & Paper Canada

“Complacency is not an option.”

“Complacency is not an option.”

This is the assessment of The Forest Products Association of Canada. Avrim Lazar, FPAC president and chief executive officer, says it’s time for the Federal government to develop a market-based action plan that will establish the groundwork for a vibrant forestry industry — a sector that represents a substantial 3% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


With recent announcements of mill closures and fear of further cutbacks in 2008, FPAC has been urging the Federal government to take definitive action since the Canadian dollar started its steep climb to a record high of $1.10 against the US dollar. The dollar is now close to parity, but its high value remains a great concern for Canada’s manufacturing industries.

While Bob Dylan was not specifically referring to Canada’s economic changes when he wrote his famous folk anthem “The times they are a-changin'” — he was referring to the need to stand up and face change. This is exactly what FPAC is encouraging the industry and the government to do. See “Soaring Loonie” on page 12.

Also in this issue, mill veteran Tom Boughner looks at the current state of Canada’s Kraft mills. He stresses the need to be more competitive and offers suggestions on how to reach this goal. See page 17.

We are pleased to bring you an in-depth preview of International PaperWeek 2008 and EXFOR starting on page 24. It will take place Feb. 5-7 in Montral at the colourful Palais des Congrs. It’s the 50th anniversary of EXFOR — a tremendous milestone and accomplishment that everyone who has participated or attended in years previous can take pride in.

PAPTAC, the organizers of PaperWeek International and EXFOR, have been working tirelessly to promote this year’s conference and show. The seminar line-up is designed to provide attendees with critical information to help them better manage the challenges ahead and keep them up to date on current issues affecting the industry. On page 70, PAPTAC Chairman Marie Dumontier discusses the benefits of attending the PaperWeek seminars and participating in EXFOR.

I began working for this magazine October 30, 2007. I want to thank my office colleagues and the many industry people I have met and spoken with for a wonderful welcome. I look forward to meeting many more industry people in the coming weeks and months. Your feedback and suggestions are vital to this magazine and we welcome your ideas and contributions.

All of us at Pulp & Paper Canada would like to wish you a good holiday season. Many people are involved in the production of a magazine — from sales and editorial to production. Pictured is the team from the Montral office and our two freelance contributing editors. While the magazine’s Toronto-based art directors, Ron Taylor and Valerie Perrot, are not present in the photo, they manage to make each and every issue look good. Thank-you Ron and Valerie! Also not pictured is: Inside Sales and Classified Ads Representative Matthew Clarke, based in Toronto.

Pictured: Back row from left: Editorial Assistant April Baxter, Editor-in-chief of our sister publication Les Papetires du Qubec Yves Lavertu, Associate Editor Anya Orzechowska, Senior Publisher Jim Bussiere, Production Manager Louise Marcil. Front row from left: Technical Editor Karen Donnelly, Editor-in-chief Nan Ryder, Account Manager Eileen Walters, Contributing Editor (Western Canada) Heather Lynch.

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