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Valmet updates fiber image analyzer

May 25, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald

Fiber characteristics image obtained from Valmet FS5.

Valmet has added new measurement capabilities to its Fiber Image Analyzer (Valmet FS5) which the company says will take the laboratory testing of pulp and paper fiber samples to a new level.

The strength potential of the pulp can now be predicted easily from the process samples. Better understanding of the characteristics of the fibers helps papermakers to manage better the process and get targeted end product quality by optimizing the blend and using less energy, for example, in grinding.

“The new gravimetric coarseness feature in Valmet FS5 has been accepted very well by our customers. The true coarseness value is an important value which predicts the paper structure and now it is possible to get this result easier and faster than ever before without tedious and time consuming sample preparation. Our approach of combining both optical and gravimetric coarseness values is a result of out-of-box thinking by our [research department],” says Tuomo Kälkäjä, the product manager for Valmet FS5.


Cell wall thickness and cross sectional area, available in a previous generation of Valmet’s analyzer, is also now derived by the Valmet FS5. It reports average values for the whole sample. Valmet says these results provide a better understanding of the paper making potential of the pulp.

Based on user feedback Valmet has implemented improvements to the operator interface, including customizable measurement templates and reports. Valmet FS5 is now easier than before to use in regular mill testing, and it also meets the requirements of research laboratory use.

The increased capabilities offered by these new measurements and improved interface are also available as upgrades for existing users. More than sixty Valmet FS5 analyzers are now in use.

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