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Voith debuts refurbishment service for CombiSorter

May 31, 2021  By P&PC Staff

CombiSorter after refurbishment service. Photo: Voith

Voith is offering a refurbishment service for the CombiSorter, which rejects sorter separates plastics and light rejects continuously.

During operation, the lower housing is constantly exposed to heavy and abrasive particles. For this reason, basalt inserts were previously used for protection, which often had to be replaced.

Voith has now developed a robust, durable wear part. Voith’s new cast steel part can be used in the CSM 12, CSM 12B, CSM 22 and CSM 22B CombiSorter types.


A CombiSorter pre-service. Photo: Voith

The productivity of the CombiSorter after the efficient refurbishment service is the same as directly after commissioning. In addition, the service life of the casing lining is increased many times over due to the special cast steel alloy.

To increase efficiency, the CombiSorter is taken to a service location during the first refurbishment. Depending on availability, the worldwide workshops offer repair and appropriate replacement housing for the different types.

To minimize downtime for each subsequent refurbishment, the service can be carried out directly on site every subsequent time.

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