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AMETEK adds new inspection features to SmartView system

April 11, 2019  By P&PC Staff

April 11, 2019 – AMETEK Surface Vision, developer of automated online surface inspection solutions, has evolved its SmartView surface inspection solution with software improvements.

The SmartView system detects, classifies and visualizes surface defects. Introduced in the latest upgrade is the Synchronized Web Viewer, which allows multiple views to be displayed simultaneously. It provides the user with total control of the interface, which could help reduce scrap product in the event of a process issue. This enables different process views, or the same view with a variety of queries in grading, using intuitive drop-down menus and customizable windows to help narrow down results with precision.

SmartView’s new Parts Per Million (PPM) application expresses the defect area as a ratio of the total product area. This real-time calculation provides easy visualization of defect density in table and graph formats, making it simpler to identify regions that need closer review.


A number of new processing modes have been added and optimized in SmartView for specific inspection requirements, such as detecting quiet areas on coated products, removal of defects that match a target shape, enhanced repeating defect algorithms, and more.

A new Parallel Classification function enables SmartView to run up to four alternate classifiers on an inspection file, enabling seasonal or test classifiers to operate alongside established classifiers. This allows potential changes to be evaluated without interrupting current production inspection.

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