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Kruger Kamloops pulp mill seeking alternate solutions to counter lack of fibre supply

October 13, 2023  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

In a Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) board meeting held on Oct. 12, Tom Hoffman, fibre manager at Kruger’s Kamloops pulp mill, shared that lack of fibre supply is a continuous concern for mills in British Columbia.

Hoffman shared that the gap between the fibre required to produce pulp at full capacity and what is available from the mill’s regular long-term suppliers is a significant one. The mill needs about 39,000 truckloads of woodchips, he shared.

The mill has been taking up a number of initiatives to counter the supply issue. He shared that the mill has now turned to Rivercity Fibre for the supply.


“We upgraded it, we installed a conveyor across the road, and that conveyor by the way reduces the amount of truck traffic on the road and reduces greenhouse gas impacts. It requires about 750,000 cubic meters annually. And I’m proud to say that the facility is now a joint venture with some First Nations. So, not only are we reducing the environmental footprint and our impacts, but I should say we’re looking for opportunities to work with First Nations. And we’re looking for new ways to cover off and find fibre that historically has never been accessed before,” shared Hoffman.

He added that 30 percent of the pulp paper sector was down in 2022 and 2023, with the Kamloops mill being one of the few that did not take downtime.

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