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New containerboard mill comes to Scarborough

October 16, 2006  By Pulp & Paper Canada

New Forest is opening a new containerboard mill in Scarborough, ON.

New Forest is opening a new containerboard mill in Scarborough, ON.

New Forest, a joint venture shared by Atlantic Packaging and Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging, will use the mill for the recycling of used corrugated cartons collected in the Greater Toronto Area, in order to make ‘millions of new corrugated cartons a day.’


Roughly 100 direct, high-paying jobs have been created as a result of the project. According to Sandy Connors of Atlantic Packaging, six employees came from other mills, an additional six came from the company’s own mill, while all other new hires are from the Scarborough area. At an opening ceremony held on October 16th, Connors said the mood was extremely positive.

“The open house was a great success,” said Gerry Murray, director of mill operations at Atlantic Packaging. “We had a lot of fun. There were lots of politicians there, lots of customers, lots of suppliers. It was a very good day for us.”

In terms of details surrounding the project, Murray confirmed the facility is a linerboard, medium mill, and is fully integrated. “We’ll be making anything from 23 pound medium to 50 pound liner. It’s a 100% recycle facility, and is a greenfield mill, built entirely from scratch. It also has a modern environmental treatment plant, so it’s a very clean and quiet mill.”

The facility is the first new containerboard mill to be built in Canada in over a quarter century, and the largest single construction project in Metro Toronto in 2005-2006. The mill will churn out paper for millions of new corrugated cartons with the fibre equivalent of six million trees, and will slash the annual need for landfill by 11,000 trucks.

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