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Northern Pulp to conduct EA marine baseline studies in Pictou Harbour

July 11, 2022  By P&PC Staff

Photo: Northern Pulp

Northern Pulp mill has announced that along with its consultants, the mill is conducting marine baseline studies in Pictou Harbour. These studies will help inform its proposed transformation and Environmental Assessment report for the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change.

The marine research conducted in Pictou Harbour, East River, Middle River and West River throughout 2022 will measure water flows, currents and tides, collect water samples for analysis and survey fish, fish habitat, aquaculture, vegetation and sediment.

The following are the initial baseline studies that the mill is conducting:

  • Measurement of water flows in and out of the rivers and Pictou Harbour
  • Measurement of the currents and tidal data during rising and falling tides
  • Water sample collection and chemical analyses at varying depths in the water column
  • Water quality profiles for salinity (salt), temperature, turbidity (cloudiness), oxygen in water and pH
  • Bathymetric surveys to measure the depth of water in the study area, as well as map the underwater features area

The mill explained in a statement that the work undertaken for conducting the studies will be non-invasive and not interfere with commercial or Indigenous fisheries or marine traffic in the study area. Small boats may be seen in the area as they set up and begin monitoring. The mill management has been in touch with Pictou Landing First Nation, local authorities, lobster fishers and harbour users to notify them of this activity.

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