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Oji and Nikko explore cellulose nanofibres for cosmetics

Oji Holdings Corp. of Japan has signed an agreement with Nikko Chemicals to launch the joint development of cellulose nanofibers (CNF) for cosmetic applications.

September 2, 2015  By Pulp & Paper Canada

CNF are nano-sized fibers, the width of which ranges from four to a few dozen nanometers (one nanometer equals one millionth of a millimeter). CNF are produced from wood fiber (pulp) from natural wood and are a renewable “green” material that performs as a moisturizer, rheology thickener, and dispersion and thixotropic agent, each with unique properties.

A wide range of cosmetic applications are under development thanks to CNF’s non-stickiness and excellent moisturizing properties that feel like wearing “water over the skin.” Innovations in Oji’s own technology have enabled the optimization of production processes as well as improved the overall characteristics of CNF.

Nikko Chemicals produces raw materials for cosmetics, and adheres to a strategic business approach summarized as GSC+E (Green, Clean, Sustainable + Economy).


The two partners say the launch of the joint development program is driven by basic research on CNF, which has proved the many outstanding characteristics of CNF in cosmetic applications.

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