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PODCAST | Is the bioeconomy the future of pulp and paper?

UBC's Can Mask prototype, an N95-style mask made entirely of wood fibre. Dr. Orlando Rojas discusses the Can Mask and other bioeconomy opportunities in the new episode of Pulp and Paper Canada: The Podcast, below. Photo: UBC

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Dr. Orlando Rojas. Photo: UBC

This time, we’re checking in with Dr. Orlando Rojas, professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC), director of the UBC Pulp and Paper Centre, scientific director of the UBC BioProducts Institute and the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Forest Bioproducts.

Dr. Rojas discusses how Canada’s emerging bioeconomy is primed for expansion, how bio-based systems are crucial to the evolution of the pulp and paper industry, and how Canada can look to bioproducts success stories overseas to lead the global charge for sustainable, renewable solutions.

“The pulp and paper industry in general, but most importantly in Canada, needs to reinvent itself. We need to be looking for higher product values – and there is a trade-off between value and input volumes,” he says during our discussion. “For that, we really need to change our mindset.”

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